Vicente Aguilar, Jr. 

Vicente Aguilar, Jr. served in Vietnam with Golf Company, 2/4, and received the Silver Star for his actions in the Battle of Dai Do. He was killed in a car accident Nov. 16, 1993. A Memorial page for Vicente can be viewed in the Special Tributes  section. I received the following letter from Mardi Gonyea Nicklin about a very special poem Vicente wrote that I am honored to share on his behalf. Maybe one day people will have a better understanding of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). DR

Dear, Deb, Vicente wrote this poem back in December 1989. He was going through a particularly hard time with PTSD, as I am sure many combat veterans have throughout their history, throughout their tough times. This is what he wrote. ~Mardi Gonyea Nicklin

Vicente Aguilar, G/2/4

Ode to PTSD

Daddy, Daddy why are you crying?
Is it something that we've done?
It's things from way back in my past
Things that I cannot tell you son.

Daddy, Daddy why are you angry?
Are you hurt, or is it something what we've done to you?
Yes my sons, I am hurt, but it's not anything you've done.
It's things from my past that make me sad, and angry too.

Daddy, Daddy why are you leaving?
My sons asked me. crying.
I'm leaving 'cause I love you so.
I don't want you to see me dying.

Daddy, if you're sick we can take you to the doctor.
I know if you are feeling ill, he'll make you feel better.
It's not that kind of sick, my sons, it's something worse, I fear
But, it doesn't matter where I go, I'll love you guys forever.

My sons don't understand that I'm already dead.
That I don't call this living, of man I'm just a shell
They just know that I cannot work or play with them.
My family, my being in my life, shot all to hell.

If the good Lord should take me, while I'm here in bed.
It's something I look forward to, it's not a thing I dread.
I've hurt my wife, kids, and even my Father and Mother.
If the good Lord would take me, then I could hurt no other.
Times may come and times may go,
But PTSD goes on and on.

Vicente Aguilar, Jr.
02 Jan 1948 to 16 Nov 1993

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