These Department Of Defense pictures with captions were sent in by USMC Combat Photographer, Warren E. Wilson. We are trying ID the unamed 3/5 Marines, and correct any wrong info, please contact us with any information.

DOD USMC #: A194549
Date: 19July66
Photographer: Sgt. R.E. Wilson
Division: 1st
WEW Filing #: 2-2
Caption: Operation Hastings. Marines of “L” Company 3/5 take a rest on rocky terrain near Dong Ha

DOD USMC #: A370071
Date: 26April67
Photographer: Porter
Division: 1st
WEW Filing #: 1-1

Caption: Lt. Col Esslinger, CO of 3/5 and Cpl. O’Neal, S-2 scout, gives a villager 700 piasters for use of village for Command Post. (Note: This is not LtCol. Esslinger, if anyone recognizes the Marines pictured please let us know. JD Murray thinks the Marine to the left looks like Steve Lindblom, M/3/5).

DOD USMC #: A370114
Date: 30May67
Photographer: LCpl C.E. Aker
Division: 1st
WEW Filing #: 1-2

Caption: LCpl. T. Barnerd checks out his weapon, ammo, and radio prior to start of Operation UNION II, approx 20 mi. south of Danang.

DOD USMC #: A370241
Date: 7June67
Photographer: Smedley
Division: 1st
WEW Filing #: 1-3
Caption: Operation UNION II. Marines of 3/5 take it easy after long day

DOD USMC #: A373074
Date: 7June67
Photographer: L. Cpl C.E. Aker
Division: 1st
WEW Filing #: 1-4

Caption: Operation UNION II. Radio operator from 3rd platoon, “M” Company 3/5 relays information on Viet Cong sniper activities.

DOD USMC #: A370226
Date: 7Jun67
Photographer: LCpl C.E. Aker
Division: 1st
WEW Filing #: 3-3

Caption: Operation UNION II. Marine of “M” Company, 3/5 returns fire at close quarters with a sniper 20 miles southwest of Danang.

DOD USMC #: A370240
Date: 7June67
Photographer: LCpl C.E. Aker
Division: 1st
WEW Filing #: 3-4

Caption: Operation UNION II. A Marine of “M” Company, 3/5 looks over his shoulder for the Viet Cong during a move through heavy jungle.

DOD USMC #: A422472
Date: No Date
Photographer: GySgt Bob Jordan
Division: 1st MAW
WEW Filing #: 2-4
Caption: Operation Durham Peak. Combat Helilift

Pfc. Vernon L. Robinson, left (Barstow, CA) and LCpl. Steve H. Ridinger (Indianapolis, Indiana), wait tensely aboard a CH-46 helicopter, from Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 263 (HMM-263), carrying them on the assault wave during Operation Durham Peak. They are attached to 3/5, participating in the multi-battalion operation south of An Hoa Combat Base.

DOD USMC #: A370152
Date: 29Jun67
Photographer: Cpl. Aker
Division: 1st
Caption: Chaplain Eli Takesian of 3/5 distributes communion in the field during Operation ADAIR

DOD USMC #: A370157
Date: 9Jul67
Photographer: Cpl. Aker
Division: 1st
Caption: Two Marines “M” 3/5 on Operation ADAIR

DOD USMC #: A370166
Date: 15Jul67
Photographer: Sgt. W.F. Dickman
Division: 1st
Caption: LCpl. Gary Evans, “L” 3/5, near Hill 63

DOD USMC #: A370280
Date: 24Jun67
Photographer: SSgt Broussard
Division: 1st
Caption: “M” Co. 3/5 on Operation ADAIR

DOD USMC #: A371034
Date: 28Dec67
Photographer: Sgt. W.F. Dickman
Division: 1st
Caption: LCpl. Alexander Levandowski spots for LCpl. George Wilhite. Operation AUBURN. They’re attached to “I” 3/5

DOD USMC #: A371121
Date: 12Feb68
Photographer: LCpl. David Brusch
Division: 1st
Caption: Marines of Weapons Platoon, 3/5

DOD USMC #: A371682
Date: 1968
Photographer: Cpl. R.J. DelVecchio
Division: 1st
Caption: Sniper team attached to “I” 3/5. Spotter is LCpl. D.R. Cronkite; Rifleman is LCpl. R.E. Bryant

DOD USMC #: A372181
Date: 28Aug69
Photographer: Cpl. Hank Berkowitz
Division: 1st
Caption: Cpl. Ronald Cushman, Intelligence scout attached to “M” 3/5

DOD USMC #: A187657
Date: 9Aug66
Photographer: Cpl. T.F. Buren (?name a little obscured)-3rd Div photog.
Division: 3rd
WEW Filing #: 2-3

All the Marines are members of “E” Company, 2/4

LCpl Leroy Williams (Cincinati, OH), LCpl Roger Baca (Holbrook, AZ), LCpl Roger A. Davis (Clanton, AL), LCpl Tim Roberts (Roseberg, Oregon).

Caption: Operation Hastings. Four members of a “Sparrow Hawk” unit that went into the Operation Hastings area to help a reconnaissance team that was outnumbered and on the verge of being overrun. The “Sparrow Hawk” unit, a reactionary platoon on “standby” basis met with heavy reinforced opposition which grew into a fierce battle and cost the Viet Cong 37 KIA body count and another possible 100.

DOD USMC #: A369828
Date: 31Jan67
Photographer: Sgt. Adin L. Cooper
Division: 1st
WEW Filing #: 3-1

Caption: Operation DeSoto

LCpl. T.E.McClain of Saratoga, FL., grenadier with M79 Rocket Launcher and Cpl. L.K. Greene (Lenoir, NC), squad leader of 3rd platoon, “M” Company, 3/7 stand ready for attack by Viet Cong (if any occurs) at their position in defense on hill at Sa Binh village in Duc Pho during Operation DeSoto.

DOD USMC #: A369802
Date: 6March67
Photographer: Cpl. Ken McIntosh
Division: 1st
WEW Filing #: 3-2

Caption: Sgt. Small of 1st platoon, “F” Company, 2/7, looks weary and leery while on Operation DeSoto with 3/7, south of Quang Ngai City.

DOD USMC #: A371127
Date: 4Feb68
Photographer: Sgt W.F. Dickman
Division: 1st
WEW Filing #: 2-1

Caption: Operation Hue City. PFC James M. Jones (Newport News, VA), rocket man with “H” Company 2/5, helps refugee child through window of house.


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