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Name: CASEY WILLIAM (Homepage)     :     Date: Tue Oct 24 07:28:35 2000    

Name: Jim Bisesi (Homepage)     :     Date: Sat Oct 21 20:47:32 2000    
Comment: No finer tribute can be made. Outstanding Job. Semper Fi    

Name: Bj Thomas (Homepage)     :     Date: Sun Oct 15 19:39:38 2000    
Comment: I haven't been here for a while....your site looks great! I've updated mine, also. Come by and take a look! :o)
~*~Semper Fidelis~*~    

Name: Frank Firmin (Homepage)     :     Date: Sun Oct 8 00:05:34 2000    
Comment: I served with 3rd Bn. 3rd marines 1968. Glad you made it home marine.THANKS and God bless.    

Name: John Francis Richter (Homepage)     :     Date: Sat Oct 7 15:31:05 2000    
Comment: An absolutely SUPERIOR Website, DR!! -- I've never had the desire to emulate, nor to become a member of the "Greatest Fighting Force" on this planet: The FEISTY U.S. MARINES!! - HOWEVER! --- I will spend the rest of my limited time on this earth,(as I have in the past!) announcing to the WORLD!, how highly honored I am for having been privileged to serve alongside the NOBLEST of WARRIORS!! - HM1 USN(Ret) - Guadalcanal/Korea Alumnus - SEMPER FI!!!    

Name: Charles Taliaferro (Homepage)     :     Date: Sun Oct 1 13:18:01 2000    
Comment: Debbe, what a wonderful web site! Thank you so much for dropping by and visiting the Kitchen Table Gang. Your husband was in the VA hospitals, so he would know why we are on this mission of assisting hospitalized veterans. God Bless and Semper Fi.    

Name: Bob Filice (Homepage)     :     Date: Fri Sep 29 02:18:17 2000    
Comment: Brad and Debbe, your web site is amazing.
I just completed a web site for HQ.CO./5th Marines, and I hope that I can get some info on the people that I served with in Nam.
Bob Filice,HQ.CO./5th Marines, Viet Nam 6/67-7/68.
Name: Ken Dohanish (Homepage)     :     Date: Thu Sep 28 13:02:32 2000    
Comment: Great web page. The music brought a tear to my eye. I'm a member of 1/7 Marines and have made three of the reunions. If you haven't been to one, you have to go.    

Name: TOP Vietnam Veterans (Homepage)     :     Date: Tue Sep 26 18:32:09 2000    
Comment: Hi, Great site. Thanks for all you gave to all of you Marines who are keeping in touch with each other. Check our website to see what another Marine vet is doing:    
Name: R.Bruce Porter (Homepage)     :     Date: Tue Sep 26 16:57:19 2000    
Comment: Debbe Enjoyed your web Bruce Col. USMC(ret)    
Name: robert reese (Homepage)     :     Date: Fri Sep 22 14:09:41 2000    
Comment: Very cool--enjoyed it. Robert ReeseUSMC Sentry Dogs Viet Nam 69-70    

Name: Lana Sedgwick (Homepage)     :     Date: Sun Sep 17 22:40:51 2000    
Comment: Wow, little sis'! You are incredible. I wish I had half the talent you and Ker have accumulated as shown on this masterpiece in progress. Keep up the good work baby! Love you, Lannner    

 Name: Wayne Fowler (Homepage)     :     Date: Mon Sep 11 20:37:04 2000    
Comment: Great site the best! Was stationed at I-3-5 when I was transfered to Suicide Charley 1st Bn 7th Marines. We landed about the 7th of August65 @ Chu Lai still miss the 5th and the great guys I left behind on 30April65, (we left SD on May1,1965). Would love to hear from all the guys that were in Okinawa 9th Marines in 63-64 then 5th Marines from 64-65
Check out the site above (not as cool and classy as DEB's but we are working on it. Thanks for the memories and SEMPER FI FOREVER Earl Wayne F    

Name: Bill Haukenberry (Homepage)     :     Date: Sun Sep 10 22:45:05 2000    
Comment: Hey, DebraJo! This is Daddy Bill raving about the fantastic work you and Kerry have done on this outstanding website! Very impressive! And my hat's off to all the other contributors too. Great job. Craig Lofftus says this is the best website he's ever seen and he says he's seen hundreds and hundreds of 'em. Sure am proud of you!    

Name: ken ferguson (Homepage)     :     Date: Sun Sep 10 15:17:46 2000    
Comment: first of all, i'd like to tell your husband! welcome home. im a vietnam vet RTO recon with 17th air cav, central highlands 67-68 only the men and women who lived it! and the wifes who has fought it along with their spouse, can realy understand! the war for them and us! shall never end. im very proud of your stance for your man. i SALUTE you. im a gospel song writer, please stop by, take 5, and hear a few of my song sampels,
GOD bless. ken ferguson    

Name: Jim Clarke (Homepage)     :     Date: Sat Sep 2 04:32:33 2000    
Comment: Found your site and appreciate all the comments about the USMC. I was a corpsman with 1st Hosptial Co. ( MASH UNit) in Chulai Nov66-Nov67. I know I worked on a bunch of you guys and sadly unzipped a bunch of bags on those who paid the ultimate price! Was proud to serve with the finest! Semper Fi!! Jim Clarke former USN/HM2    

Name: David Brown (Homepage)     :     Date: Wed Aug 30 14:00:55 2000    
Comment: I enjoyed your site. Being an ex serviceman (Australia)who served in early 72 as an Artillery Forward Observer viewing your site brings back both good and sad memories of my past years. But I think it is good to reflect back on those years and remember the mates you served with. I hope you find the time to visit our old unit site and some of the links. Brownie.

Name: Tommy Yazell (Homepage)     :     Date: Thu Aug 24 16:36:48 2000    
Comment: Great Site!!! As a former Marine '73-'74 I was lucky enough not to have to go to Nam. I was to young (17). Just want to thank all who did there duty. Welcome home MARINES.    

Name: David J. Engler (Homepage)     :     Date: Fri Aug 18 02:09:51 2000    
Comment: GREAT SITE!!! I have been going through several portions of it and find it to be as good as, or better than, many others I have seen to date. You are to be congratulated on a job well done!! Keep up the good work & Semper Fi!!
- Dave Engler USMC 1942-1946. H&S/2/12, 3rd Marine Division - Bougainville, Guam, Iwo Jima.
Name: Doc Bunner (Homepage)     :     Date: Thu Aug 17 13:40:31 2000    
Comment: I was a Navy Hospital Corpman with Alpha Company 1,1. I was proud to be a "Grunt Corpsman" I came to your site as I was searching for "The Grunt Padre, Father Vincent Capodanno, USN Chaplain who received MOH, Bronze Star, and three Purple Hearts for his action on the day he was killed, Sept. 4, 1967 while going to the aid of a wounded "Corpsman" who was going to the aid of a Marine. I first had heard of this Padre in Feb. 1968 after I joined Alpha Company while TET 68, Battle for Hue was g    

Name: Skeater (Homepage)     :     Date: Wed Aug 16 21:51:49 2000    
Comment: This is a beautiful site and a great tribute from a wonderful lady to one very lucky Gyrene. She should be made an honorary Marine; got my vote. I was with Phantoms (F-4's)VMFA-542 and 323, 65-66.
Also RFTW 97-00. Semper Fi "Never Forget" Skeater    

Name: Chuck Brewster (Homepage)     :     Date: Wed Aug 16 13:47:10 2000    
Comment: Your memories stir our memories! Thank you!    

Name: Gary wright Sgt (Homepage)     :     Date: Wed Aug 16 02:05:28 2000    
Comment: Was on op. Harvest Moon attached to the 1st privilncial gun btry your website was tops Sir you have a very dedicated wife I salute you and yours Keep up the good work. Semper Fi Gary Wright USMC RET.    

Name: Ron Mandell (Homepage)     :     Date: Wed Aug 16 01:39:05 2000    
Comment: Hi! I served with 1st Bridge Co, 7th Engineer Bn, 1st Mar Div from Dec 67 to Feb 69. 7th Eng Bn also has a webpage. . . We are having a reunion at Camp Pendleton 28-30 Sept. I enjoyed your website! My E-mail is    

Name: Vincent E. Rigoni (Homepage)     :     Date: Tue Aug 15 21:10:02 2000    
Comment: Outstanding website. Have passed your home page on to all Marines on my e-mail address book. Semper Fi Vince    

Name: CBOB (Homepage)     :     Date: Tue Aug 15 14:36:05 2000    
Comment: It was an honour to visit your site and to see that the bonds earned so long ago still grow today. CBOB--RCN-68 69..RCAF-69-70-71....I RIDE I SERVED I REMEMBER POW/MIAs...and I would ride beside any Marine....OORRAAHHHH..RFTW-FNG98-Part-99.all the way-2000....    

Name: GySgt G/McDowell (Homepage)     :     Date: Tue Aug 15 04:57:31 2000    
Comment: Good looking web site. Don't forget the MCL. Where are you hideing.    

Name: Timm Hansen (Homepage)     :     Date: Tue Aug 15 04:37:28 2000    
Comment: Semper Fi .. I served with the 7th Engineers from May 1969 to March of 1970. I enjoyed your site ... Timm Hansen
Jim Hager (Homepage)     :     Date: Tue Aug 15 02:38:41 2000    
Comment: Semper Fi!! You've done a beautiful job on the website. Sgt. James Hager USMC Vietnam 3/67 to 8/69    

Name: Frank W. Schober (Homepage)     :     Date: Tue Aug 15 01:03:16 2000    
Comment: I have a salute to all four branches of service on my web page. All MIDI there is my playing by ear from memory since I can't read music.I am a WW2 Aviation Metalsmith 2/C. I saw a poster on the wall, "God gave us two ends to use. The war depends on the one we use, heads we win, tails we lose." God bless. Frank(Grandpa)Schober    

Name: Will Harris (Homepage)     :     Date: Tue Aug 15 00:43:45 2000    
Comment: 1stSgt of Marines retired, served with L Co 3/26 from Apr 68 thru Oct68. Semper Fi Jarhead.    

Name: Jack Savick (Homepage)     :     Date: Tue Aug 15 00:39:32 2000    
Comment: Just a word of congradulations on the fine site. That is if an old Korean Marine Vet can wipe the tears from his eyes long enough to type this . THANKS    

Name: Alan "ajdoc" James (Homepage)     :     Date: Tue Aug 15 00:03:47 2000    
Comment: What a wonderful site. I especially like the tributes to the FMF Corpsman. I served as a Corpsman with 1st Battalion, 3rd Marines in 68-69. "Navy by record, but Marine by choice!" Thanks for all your hard work.    

Name: Sgt Gordon Spears (Homepage)     :     Date: Mon Aug 14 23:47:27 2000    
Comment: "WOW" Semper Fi devildog this is one heck of a site I know only by your stories what Vietnam was like and appreciate your story we all learn from the Big dogs... I was in Desert Storm with the Marines and I know Desert Storm was No Vietnam. But reading your story make me proud of being a Marine and the type of work I do now. I work as a Correctional (Boot camp) Sergeant for the State of Georgia. I have also appeared on National Tv Several Times. But what ever I do the Media respondes as that Fo    

Name: Pat Roman (Homepage)     :     Date: Mon Aug 14 22:14:07 2000    
Comment: Extremely glad to see a 3/5 site. I was stationed at Camp Margurita, from 3-64-8-65, at which time 3/5 became 1/3, and received an all paid vacation to Viet Nam. Thanks brother and sister.    

Name: Bob Hines (Homepage)     :     Date: Mon Aug 14 21:55:12 2000    
Comment: Being a Marines Nam Vet this page brought tears to my eyes.
Name: Jim Cunningham (Homepage)     :     Date: Mon Aug 14 20:45:54 2000    
Comment: Retired at Camp Lejeune, 1 Nov 1974, Looking for anyone from Sub Unit #1, Ammo Co If around, you know who you are.    

Name: Everett Wood (Doc Wood) (Homepage)     :     Date: Sat Aug 12 20:12:58 2000    
Comment: Great Site. I'm really happy I found your web site!
Name: Gary Jacobson aka Knights_Lanc (Homepage)     :     Date: Sat Aug 12 05:07:35 2000    
Comment: I came in to read ode to ptsd, and read other poetry here as well, touched to tears of remembrance, and moved to salute you for the patriotism and the feeling felt stongly here. I invite you to my "Vietnam Picture Tour," from the lens of a combat infantryman, and to read my poems of tribute to the American fighting man, "A Soldier's Prayer,"; And "My Thousand Yard Stare,"    

Name: Leo (Homepage)     :     Date: Fri Aug 11 23:00:13 2000    
Comment: Excellent site, Moving poetry too! Thanks, Semper Fi, Mines    

Name: Craig & Kathy Lofftus (Homepage)     :     Date: Wed Aug 9 04:09:34 2000    
Comment: Debbe, Dottie showed us your website and was so proud of your work that we viewed it when we got home and found it to be everything Dottie said it was and more. I am a Viet Nam era veteran, U.S. Navy, and although I didn't serve in Nam, most of my friends did and I lost quite a few schoolmates and running buddies in that war. This website brought back quite a few memories of friends that are no longer with us and friends that ca    

Name: Mike Marnach (Homepage)     :     Date: Sat Aug 5 04:50:49 2000    
Comment: My mothers name was Pat reynolds, Not the same one. She had 12 kids, her 2nd husband was in prison. Really weird. Thanks for the kind note. You must be one heck of a good wife, and I thank you for it. My first one didn't stick around, after my injuries. I was also at Mameluke, but with Lima 3/5. Later and God Bless one and all.    

Name: Renee (Homepage)     :     Date: Mon Jul 17 00:42:58 2000    
Comment: You're invited to visit the Marine Corps League Auxiliary-Department of IL.    

Name: John aka DragonMaster (Homepage)     :     Date: Sat Jul 15 15:26:41 2000    
Comment: Greetings Brad and Debbe Reynolds, Welcome to the We Remember WebRing Salute to Veterans and Pow/Mia's . I would like to say as I was veiw your site for the ring code I found a few areas that need to be fixed on it, the <skip prev needs to have the (here) removed afther your site ID#, the Next needs your (ID#) put in, and the <skip next needs to have the <here> removed. these are the only thing I could see wrong with the ring code. But I will added you to the ring today.    

Name: Sheila aka "Brownielocks" (Homepage)     :     Date: Tue Jul 11 22:07:50 2000    
Comment: Hi, I had a friend whose brother lost his legs in Nam. There's poem on my "Patriotic Pages" at if you ever want to take the time to read it? I don't think the kids today totally understand the Viet Nam issue because we have no draft today and because they can vote at 18. We did make a change for the future! I think we can take pride in that. I've been to the Viet Nam wall a few times now in DC. If yuo haven't, I strongl    

Name: (Homepage)     :     Date: Sun Jul 9 18:05:56 2000    
Comment: check out for a great site!    

Name: nick (Homepage)     :     Date: Thu Jul 6 05:57:03 2000    
Comment: Im serving on Active duty overseas, I have a wife and three kids at home waiting for me. Im so lucky because I train in peace because of everyone who served and those that gave their lives. Thank you and Godbless..    

Name: john moore (Homepage)     :     Date: Sun Jul 2 03:58:29 2000    
Comment: came back to your site, saw our picture , thank you for your service. have a happy 4th of july.    
Name: John Francis Richter (Homepage)     :     Date: Fri Jun 30 04:44:36 2000    
Comment: GREAT Website!--Like the General said: 'A Navy Corpsman is nothing but a longhaired "Hippie-Marine" who will go through FIERY HELL!! to save your sorry butt'!!--HM1 USN(Ret)-- Guadalcanal/Korea Alumnus --SEMPER FI!!    

Name: Mia (Homepage)     :     Date: Thu Jun 29 14:58:01 2000    
Comment: I'm searching names of people who got hurt, cancers, any complications... because of effects of Agent Orange during Vietnam War to creat a Wall in their honor. Go to see what it means at: If you know people, places where I can ask... Any helps are welcome. If you can help too to put the word out to everyone, I'd be grateful... Most of names is the best...Thanks for help...Mia...    

Name: Sgt. JB"Wheels"Wegener II (Homepage)     :     Date: Wed Jun 28 04:06:32 2000    
Comment: Great site Debbie and I want to say thanks again for stopping by and seeing me here in Ash Fork,Az..!!! :O)Let me know when you folks get home and how the trip went !!! :O) Semper Fi Marines Wheels    

Name: Jim Beyersdorf (BuddhaDoc) (Homepage)     :     Date: Tue Jun 27 02:53:45 2000    
Comment: Hi Folks A beautiful site. Thanks for the memories. I have one small thingie though the Graphic u have representing the Navy Corpsmen is not Navy that is an Army Insignia. I don't know if anyone else has told you or not. Ours was a black shield with a cadeuces on it.. Take Care Walk In Peace With your Maker BuddhaDoc    

Name: Eddy & Madge Johnson (Homepage)     :     Date: Sat Jun 24 18:49:30 2000    
Comment: Just looked at the tribute to Vicente. Mardi Nicklin is Madge's sister. Think you are doing a great job with this, Debbie.    

Name: gordy (Homepage)     :     Date: Sat Jun 24 07:48:26 2000    
Comment: i was a cpl in motor transport 7th motors 1st fssgcamp pendleton ca. till jan 86 to this day i am proud to have served my country honarably. i did not serve in war but i was willing too if my country asked. but i thank all of you who have. god bless you and the corps SEMPER FI!GORDY    

Name: FRED. O'BRIEN (Homepage)     :     Date: Tue Jun 20 16:40:32 2000    

Name: Roberta (Homepage)     :     Date: Mon Jun 19 14:05:15 2000    
Comment: An Extraordinary and Incredible Web Site That Honors All. The Love and Devotion that is within your heart is seen thur out the pages of this site. Your Compassion and Dedication has touched @ connected the lives of others. My Thanks to you for Honoring my Brother, who stands tall on your Memorial Page. It is a Special Place where our hearts can take the journey of remembering the joy of knowing and loving them. This Family Pays Tribute To You and Brad. Special Remembrances    

Name: john spear (Homepage)     :     Date: Thu Jun 15 23:51:45 2000    
Comment: You have one great website...Nice to know there
are still those who remember...J W Spear 1LT USMCR    

Name: Ron McCarville (Homepage)     :     Date: Sun Jun 11 22:53:13 2000    
Comment: It's not necessary to say anything,those before me have said it all. SEMPER-FI Sgt. Major. The Beer Man    
Name: Mardi Gonyea Nicklin (Homepage)     :     Date: Sat Jun 10 18:51:20 2000    
Comment: Hi Debbie and Brad, This is the first chance during my medical recoveries and surgeries while you were gone that I have had to visit the site once again. The music with the pages you have done, is perfect!! As usual, I cry, can't help it, it still gets right to my heart!! I love the travel pictures and the time you got to spend during your reunion are absolutely the BEST!! Curt, hello, you really did a amazing job on this one!! Thanks so much for sharing some picturs, I would have given abou    

Name: SSGTJOHN PARKER (Homepage)     :     Date: Sat Jun 10 05:44:44 2000    

Name: Roy Stanford (Homepage)     :     Date: Fri Jun 9 21:26:17 2000    
Comment: Dear Debbe...Your page is so very moving. I want to place it in my Vietam Vet links section if you don't mind. I won't get around to it for a couple of days but I still have a lot of links here to follow anyways. Your page truly is an inspiration and thank you for the tour.    

Name: Janny Rae (Homepage)     :     Date: Fri Jun 9 20:36:05 2000    
Comment: NICE WEB SITE!! Great job on your POW-MIA site! I have also adopted a POW-MIA, and made a web site about him. Link above. Keep up the good work! God Bless You! Janny Rae    

Name: Veronica (Homepage)     :     Date: Wed Jun 7 20:48:44 2000    
Comment: Well mine is more of a question is being a wife of a man in the mariens really worth it even with all the traveling and your husband leaving all the time?    

Name: Carol (Homepage)     :     Date: Mon Jun 5 00:37:00 2000    
Comment: I loved this site. Keep up the great work. Welcome Home Semper Fi~It's not just a phrase it's a way of life. Sgt Gilliam USMC 81-85    

Name: Richard Jacques (Homepage)     :     Date: Fri Jun 2 08:11:03 2000    
Comment: I just found your page from a page a Dear Friend made for all of us that were in your site and I've bookmarked it...give my best to your husband...Semper Fidelis Ricardo aka MillRatVN Jacques    

Name: DAVID STROMIRE (Homepage)     :     Date: Sat May 27 23:56:52 2000    
Comment: Any Echo 2/1 Marines 68/70 . We are having a reunion this Nov. in Orlando. for more info , Email me. SEMPERS DAVE    
Name: Mardi Gonyea Nicklin (Homepage)     :     Date: Wed May 10 00:35:50 2000    
Comment: WOW..I am SO PROUD of the music you have put on the site, it is very moving, and inspirational!! Although you and Brad are away this week enroute to see that Curt and Brenda in their "neck of the woods," please tell them hello from me, and that we only wish we could be right there when the union is made...this is so very exciting and we are enjoying the thought that you are going to be having yourself one GREAT time!! Talk to you soon..and again, the music is so special!! Good going gal!!  

Name: Bert Bingel (Homepage)     : Semper Fi    Date: Thu May 4 21:12:04 2000    
Comment: I was a Corpsman with India 3/8 back in the 70's. The Marines treated me better than my fellow sailors did. I didn't want to be in the Marines. I went kicking and screaming. But I did my job and now am honor bound to the crimson and gold. Semper Fi...Semper Gumby    

Name: CONFEY V. MALDONADO (Homepage)     :     Date: Thu May 4 01:58:05 2000    

Name: John Lyle (Homepage)     : Code Name Vampi    Date: Sun Apr 30 09:50:51 2000    
Comment: What a top site, well done. I just voted for you in the top 100 military sites.Its the least i could do for all your hard work. regards John    

Name: Pete & Sonia Morales (Homepage)     :     Date: Sat Apr 29 02:01:25 2000    
Comment: Hi! Debbe & Brad, You really have done a Wonderful, Fantastic, and leaving me speechless in your blessed talent in putting your website & pages together for The Wife's and Marines of 3/5. My wife & I both thank you & Brad. Letting us be part of you lives and you posting us on your website. With our effort were going to be finding other Brothers Marines & their families this is just the beginning. Thank you again & God Bless You & Brad. Pete & Sonia Morales Semper Fi!
Name: Renee (Homepage)    Date: Fri Apr 28 15:19:51 2000    
Comment: Hi from one Marine Wife to another! Enjoyed visiting your site! Keep up the good work. Semper Fi!    

Name: Ron Bobele (Homepage)     : US    Date: Fri Apr 28 01:54:02 2000    
Comment: From Doc Bo, Echo 2/1 69-70. I now consider myself a Marine Corpsman, not Navy Corpsman after I attended my 1st nam reunion. Thanks 4 the kind words about us Doc's. We were just doing our job.    

Name: Nina (Homepage)     :     Date: Wed Apr 26 22:33:22 2000    
Comment: Great site.    

Name: LOWELL E MORTIMER (Homepage)     :     Date: Wed Apr 26 03:21:53 2000