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Born on Mar. 28, 1951
Casualty was on Sept. 28, 1970

Panel 7W - - Line 97

Blake Aston
(picture courtesy of Tom Lindsay)

LCpl. Blake Aston served with the 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines, Mike Company. His name stands proudly on the Mike 3/5 Wall of Honor alongside the Marines he fought and died with. Semper fi, Brother Marine. We will never forget.

Rubbing of Blake Aston's name from The Wall in DC courtesy of Tom Lindsay, M/3/5


Incountry together

I never knew you in life Marine, but I accompanied your body in the chopper back to DaNang. Over the years, while many memories have faded, you have never left my thoughts.

I was a radio relay tech (2831) with 5th Comm Bn, 3rd MAF. I'd been out to repair a microwave radio link, and flew back to Da Nang on the chopper that also had Blake's body.

I saw numerous dead and dying Marines during the time I was in Vietnam. For some reason Blake's name has stuck in my memory. Perhaps it's because his was the last I saw. I left Vietnam two weeks later, none the worse for wear, while so many did not.

It was the highest of honors to remember him this past Veteran's Day, at The Wall, when I read his name. You will never be forgotten as long as I draw breath.

Welcome Home, and Semper Fi!
Richard Boyd
USMC '68 - '71, RVN '70


He is still my best friend

Blake found a sense of pride and belonging when he enlisted and was prouder still of being called, Marine. He was proud that his daughter was born shortly before he shipped overseas. He gave his life willingly, believing in his country and the Corp.

I want to thank Tom Lindsay for making an etching of his name and bringing him to this place of honor for Marines from everywhere to be remembered. To Richard Boyd, thank you for your kind thoughts of Blake and being there with him. He was a great guy Richard, you would have liked him.

And to my friend, LCPL. Blake Aston....memories never die.~Bill Horton, Rockwall, Texas


My classmate

Blake...I remember your blue eyes & your easy, beautiful smile. Your dear sweet Mother, was our Sunday school teacher. I did contact your Mother by phone about 1998. It was a conversation between 2 mothers who had their precious child die so young. I had lost track of kids I had graduated from high school with. I did not know you went to Viet Nam & paid the ultimate sacrifice. Your mother talked so much about your namesake son Blake & your wife. My precious only daughter, Diane Marie Taylor, 23, was murdered by a drunk driver on 10/5/96. Her son EJ McKinnon was 3 years old at the time of her death. Your mother comforted me & yes, she first hand knew the pain of losing a child. Rest in peace, Blake. Always remembered, never forgotten.~ Jenny Green Taylor



I went to school with Blake, and he was the kind of person everyone wanted to be around. I'm not surprised he went into the Marines instead of being drafted. I had lost touch with him after school and was sorry to hear of his death. My sympathies to his family are 31 years late, but no less sincere. I've seen The Wall and touched his name. It is such a tribute to him and the other HEROES. Oh GOD, why are there wars?~S Fuller, Dallas, TX