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Born on August 10, 1947 
Casualty was on November 7, 1967

Panel 29E--Row 41

Bill Little
(picture courtesy of Roger Nicholson)

Cpl. William Little served with the 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines, Mike Company. He was Killed In Action during Operation ESSEX. His name stands proud on the Mike 3/5 Wall of Honor alongside the Marines he fought and died with.

Roger Nicholson and Bill Little (right)

Bill Little, Don Kretsinger and another guy named David Jones were all from Illinois. They had a dollar bill torn into 3 pieces, and each had a piece. I remember Bill talking about how they were going to put it back together when they got back to the World, and have a beer to celebrate living through that nightmare. I believe they all went through boot camp together, and ended up in Mike Company 3/5. If memory serves me, they were all killed in a short time span. Kretsinger was killed the next day when he stepped on a booby-trapped bomb, I am not sure about Jones, I believe he was shot. 

Little (left) and myself (with the knife) during a little relaxing time 

After we were bushwacked and the wounded were loaded on the chopper to BAS, a second lieutenant, don't remember his name, was also KIA at that time, and they forgot to put his body on the chopper and had to carry it with them. The next day, the company was ambushed again, and they took a lot of casualties. I watched the corpsman giving Little mouth to mouth resuscitation all the way in to BAS trying his best to keep him alive, it was a tough thing to watch. 

I was on the next bed while the doctors worked on Little trying to save him, but they couldn't. The corpsman who was working on him (can't remember his name) stayed at the aid station while the docs worked on him. I can remember the corpsman broke down and cried when Little died, we both took it very hard. It is a hard thing to go through watching your pals die like that. I can still see him laying there after 35 years.

Steve Walker was on the chopper also, he was hit at the same time, I believe he was hit in the leg also. He must have went on to another hospital, lost track of him after that, until I found him on the "Mike " web site along with some other guys I served with.~Semper fi, Roger "Nick" Nicholson

Cpl. David Jones Memorial
Cpl. Donald Kretsinger Memorial


It was his 22nd birthday 

Little was killed 7Nov. '67 on Operation ESSEX. Myself, Steve Walker-(Haygood now) and Roger Nicholson were wounded as well as Little, and a brown bar Lt. who was our platoon commander and had been incountry just 9 days. 

The platoon commander was killed instantly in the ambush. Little, Nicholson, and I were medi-vac'd to BAS (Battalion Aid Station). I was treated and given last rites, but I told the Chaplain to give Little rites because I saw him get hit, and he had a bad sucking chest wound. He was hit, and then a few seconds later I got hit. 

 I was put on a chopper, and we waited about 20 minutes with the chopper just idling. After about 15-20 minutes, the door gunner tapped me on the shoulder, pointed to the BAS tent, and gave me a "thumbs down." We then took off for Da Nang with only me on the chopper. I found Little's sister about 12-13 yrs ago, and called her. She was very curious about how he died, and coincidentally, it was his 22nd Birthday when he got killed.

Semper Fi,
Steve "Bigfoot" Walker/ Haygood
Conive Mike One Alpha, 1st Plt. Mike 3/5
Mar-Nov 1967