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Born on August 17, 1948 
From Mansfield, OH 
Casualty was on Nov. 8, 1967
 in South Vietnam, Quang Nam

Panel 29E--Row 53

Pfc. Bill Reeves served in Vietnam with the 3rd Battalion, 1st Marines, M Company. 
His friends will never forget. Semper fidelis, Brother Marine.~DR

My friend Bill came to say goodbye to me just before leaving for Vietnam.
He told me he felt he would not be coming home.
These are some of the things we shared in our last talk.....
As he walked away resigned to his fate I knew what he said was true..
That soon we would never share the smiles and laughter again.
He was handsome and funny and a good friend...

CJ Mackenzie
I think of him often.
I wrote this in his honor for Memorial Day


I'll never forget the day
He came to say good-bye
He said "My friend I go tomorrow
I know that I shall die"

He was a Marine and he said
It was what he was trained to do
"Please do not weep when I die
To my Country I was true"

"For all those who went before
Who gladly paid the price"
"I go now with no regrets
Its the roll of the dice."

"I do not ask for pity"
"I do not ask for fame"
"I only ask you my friend
Do not forget my name"

"Remember me when you are old
For I will never be"
"Remember that I fought
To keep our country free"

"Remember that I loved the flag
As it blows overhead"
"Remember why I gave my life
After I am dead."

God Bless you Bill
Your friend Always,