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Born on Jan. 10, 1947 
From Brookfield, NH
Casualty was on Sept. 12, 1967
 in  Quang Tri, South Vietnam

Panel 26E--Row 59

LCpl. Howard Chamberlin served in Vietnam with the 26th Marine Regiment. His fellow Marines will never forget. Semper fidelis, Brother Marine.

My Older Brother

Mickey (Howard) was born in the town of Wolfeboro, NH., the son of  Arthur F. Chamberlin and Phyllis L. Chamberlin also of Wolfeboro. He had three brothers, Harold, Charles, and John. One sister Carol as well as one half sister, Donna Lee. He is severely missed by all of us and will be remembered as long as the family is around. We have the honor of placing an American flag on his grave for every Memorial Day.

I lost my older brother over in Nam in Sept. '67 when they got overrun in Con Tien. At least I got to see him at Camp Pendleton one last time. He was only 20. He was in the 26th Marines. Even though Dad was regular Army, he is damn proud of his sons from the US Marines. 

I joined the Marines in 1966. My first outfit after Schools Platoon in Camp Pendleton was 3/27. We were sent to Nam and in '67, after six months 3/27's flag with a lot of second timers was sent back to the States to retire the flag, and so I was sent to 1/7. I presently have a brother serving as a Warrant Officer in the reserves. 

I have been reelected and installed as Commander in the American Legion for the fifth time. This is a big honor for me, and it is all because of my brother. Though I'm damn proud to be a Marine, I threw my whole self into the Legion in repayment of all the Legion did after Mickey (Howard) was killed. 

Recently my Mom passed away, (July 2000) and she was buried right next to Mickey. I will always remember him, and that is why I started doing what I do. 

For our family, Thank you.
Harold Chamberlin