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Born on Dec. 14, 1945
Casualty was on Mar. 3, 1969

Panel 30W - - Line 20

Ronald F. Christianson

LCpl. Ronald F. Christianson served with the 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines, M Company. He was Killed In Action on Operation TAYLOR COMMON. His name stands proudly on the Mike 3/5 Wall of Honor. Semper Fi, Brother Marine. We will never forget.

1st squad, 1st plt. "M" Co. 3/5, late Jan. 1969

Pictured standing from L-R: Ron Christiansen (Millville, CA), Les Thompson (Orlando, FL), Richard Reed (Knoxville, IA), Mike Alden (Manly, IA), David Johnston (Pinkerting, Ohio), Simpson, and kneeling, Luther Maxwell (only known picture of Luther, unless someone else has one they don't know about).To anyone not aware, Christiansen,Thompson, and Johnston were K.I.A. on Hill 332. Also in rememberance K.I.A. on 332, Dennis Merryman, Joey Freeman.

I pass this picture on with a sincere appreciation for the Freemans and Richard Reed for sharing this wonderful picture of members of 1st squad, 1st plt. "M" Co. 3/5. Semper FI.~Mike Alden

My Best Friend, Ever

LCpl. Ron Christianson-my best friend ever! I miss him today! He was point man in our recon patrol of 7 Marines when Ron and David Johnston were KIA in the initial ambush March 3, '69 ~LCpl. Michael Alden

My Brother

We did walk thru the Valley in the Shadow of Death-
In the presence of mine enemies he prepared a table before us-
W e feared no evil-we were comforted-
You walked to the table in the presence of mine enemies-
I see you no more-God has you. Oh how I miss you!
I find you look more familiar each time I look at your picture-
It's been 27 years since I've seen your face-
My mind remembers you as not the person in the picture.
Time has changed your image in my mind-I am saddened of this-
I am almost afraid of this-what else have I forgotten over the years.
I always tried hard to remember your looks-I've never forgotten you.
I nver had a brother-if I had a chance to have had one-I'd wanted you.
You were one person that made a big impression on an 18-yr-young man.
I looked forward to greeting you as you greeted me, and your positive attitude, so overwhelming-
I admired you so!
I look at your picture and just wish I could talk to you-if only I could


Will my Sundays-Days, not Nights-ever be to be-once again in my life a Day to enjoy?
I lost a friend on a MonDay, not Night, years ago in Viet Nam.
Here in the World-a day behind in time and hours earlier-a SunDay it was, not Night
I hold his memories-the short ones I enjoy in time-close to my heart.
Do I hold his soul so close also, that on SunDays, not Night-
He will not let me rest and enjoy the Day, not Night.
He is on the other side-He is reminding me this is the Day, not Night, I crossed over.
I will always let you know-in a rather uncomfortable way-I am in touch with you-
Every SunDay-not Night

Rest in peace, Brother

Ron, I will nerver forget you or the other Marines that gave their lives on that hill that day during Operation TAYLOR COMMON.You were a hero then, and you are now. Jesus said, "I go to prepare a place that where I am you may be also." Ron, I know you're there. Rest in peace, brother.~Joe Richardson


Always in our heart

Ronnie, you're always in our hearts and never forgotten. We love you so much and miss you. You were so tall and handsome. I always thought you were the most wonderful brother a little sister could have. I was only eight when you died. I have two boys now. They never got the chance to know you, but I have always told them about you. I don't think there is a day that goes by that mother, Dale, Eugene and I do not think of you. You are always in our heart. Candy Rollins, Sister


Uncle Ronny

I regret to say that I did not personally know Uncle Ronny. He died in Vietnam and I wasn’t born until much later. All I have are the stories and memories that my Dad shares with me of my Uncle. One in particular, Dad tells me of the last night he saw Uncle Ronny. It was in the middle of the night and Uncle Ronny climbed through his window and they played board games all night long. Although all I have are the stories of others, I feel that had I known Uncle Ronny we would have had a great relationship. I wish I could have met you Uncle Ronny, but destiny led you down a hero’s path of selfless service and sacrifice. Know that you remain in my heart as well in the hearts of all who knew you.~Colby Darrah, Nephew



Also Killed In Action 3 March 1969

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