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Born on Aug. 7, 1946
Casualty was on May 26, 1967

Panel 20E - - Line 114

"Doc" Dan Drohosky

"Doc" Edward Daniel Drohosky served with the 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines, India Company. He was Killed In Action on Operation UNION II. His name stands proudly on the India 3/5 Wall of Honor alongside his Marines. Semper fi, Doc. We will never forget.

Operation UNION II

We as Marines are very proud of our Corpsmen, and wish to convey our thanks and appreciation to the family and friends for our friend. Semper Fi, Doc. Curtis Eidson, India 3/5

"Doc" Dan Drohosky sent these pictures home to his family before he was killed.
 Grateful thanks to his brother, Michael, for sharing them.


Remembering Doc "Ski"

I was with Hq. Co. 5th Marines. I met Ed, we called him "Ski," on Hill 35 north of Chu Lai before Operations UNION and UNION II, and I have never forgotten him. A good person, who took great interest in his responsibilities. I remember him talking about needing to carry more bandages/medical supplies and he wrote home and his mother and sister developed a vest to address the need. He talked about continuing in a medical career, perhaps a doctor, thought he said Pediatrics. He was enthusiastic, and I was honored to know him. He gave his life in an effort to aid a mortally wounded Marine.

Since that time and my return from the war I thought of "Ski," and each Memorial day I think of him and the others known and unknown to me who made the supreme sacrifice, and try to do some good in their rememberence. As time went on, Ed's nickname was all I remembered. It's been 36 years...through the internet I found a list of Corpsman KIA, I looked for a name ending in Sky or Ski and, that's how I came to write this.

Ed lives on in the hearts and minds of those who not only knew him, but served with him...and for my part, it was truly an "Honor" to know him...God Bless...

Ray, "Doc" Knispel
Formerly HM3 Hq Co 5th Marines 1st Mar Div

Viet Nam 1966-67

Just thoughts

It has been way too many years, not since St. Marks. 
Why you brother?

Tom Kuleck

FMF Corpsman title graphic by Redeye
3/5 Corpsman Memorial graphic and India 3/5 crest by Vic Vilionis, 7th Marines