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Born on Feb. 4, 1950
Casualty was on May 8, 1968

Panel 57E - - Line 2

Pfc. John "Jack" Fiffe served with the 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines, Mike Company. He was Killed In Action during Operation HOUSTON II when M Co. 3/5 ran into an NVA Base Camp on Hai Van Passs. His name stands proudly on the Mike 3/5 Wall of Honor. Semper fi, Brother Marine. We will never forget.

Never Forgotten

The following letter was written by Rocco "Rock" Giambrocco, 3rd Bn. 5th Marines H&S and M Company, to Jack Fiffe's cousin-in-law, Stephen Adams.

Dear Stephen,

My heartfelt condolences to you and your family. I just returned from The Wall. I knelt and touched the name of Jack Fiffe, and said a prayer for him, and bid him good-bye. I did the same for many others on that same stone, and the one next to it. They are inscribed with the men (boys) of Mike Company 3/5 who shed their blood together on a sorry week in May 1968.

For years I just called it Hill 1192, but the place was Haivan Pass on Hill 1192. We had climbed for days, and we reached a spot by a large boulder on the 8th of May. We left the marked trail, and a short time later two shots rang out. We took what cover we could on the steep slopes. It was sniper fire-just two shots. They both scored. Jack Fiffe was killed, and another Marine named Andrews was wounded, but later died.

Jack never knew what hit him, he was killed outright. He did not suffer. A chopper was called in, and Jack's body was carried down the slope and evaced. The patrol went on. I went to point with my fireteam, and a guy from rockets named Jerry Lomax.

A short time later, we found a grouping of rocks and beyond it were two hootches and four NVA. There was a small fire going, and there were clothes on the line. I saw a couple AK-47s, and we hunkered down and sent back for the Gunny (Harville) to come up. He saw what was there and told us to wait for a machine gun team to come up to help us. Then he retreated to get the team. We did wait for a couple minutes, but finally we just attacked. One of my guys stayed at the rocks to cover our tail, one more swung to the right flank and came in on that side, and Jerry and I attacked from the front. We killed 3 of the 4.

Over the next several days we were cut to ribbons by an NVA Base Camp that was the size of a small city. It housed a couple thousand or so NVA.

We lost a lot of good boys up there. And dozens more wounded. The story never got out because it was not good press to let the folks at home know you had an NVA Base Camp a few clicks from your Regimental AO. Many guys bled to death slowly because for days we could get no suppport of evac. Most of those who did survive that battle were killed in action over the next few months. There were more than 20 of us dead up there, and times two wounded.~Semper Fi, Rock


"Our Jack"

The following remembrances are from Shirley & Steve Adams

Jack, Yesterday May 31, 2004 was Memorial Day. We all attended the service at the VFW Post to Remember You and all the Guys. Held the Grandaughter's Real tight in respect and thanksgiving. I, Shirley, Caitlin and Alison then went to your final resting place to place an American Flag in your Honor Jack. You will never be forgoten Brother. Thanks for our freedoom. We Love You and miss you very much. By the way, we have a new Grandson. Steve's (He was 6 Mon Old when we lost you.) His name is Jack Adams. What a strong name (Jack) Rest in Peace Marine.


Jack, Today is May 26, 2003. Memorial Day. Attended the Service at the VFW Post in Rememberance of You. Held my two Grandaughters real tight. You will never be forgotten Brother. Thanks for our freedoom. We Love and miss You, Steve and Shirley.
May 26, 2003


Jack, Today is Veterans Day, a time to remember you and all the Guys who gave us our freedoom. You paid the ultimate price brother and you will never be forgottten.Rest in Peace Marine.
November 11, 2002


Jack, It will soon be 34yrs. I can still see us walking over the bridge the day before you left to become a Marine, as you said, to go to fight this War with the best. You are and will always be a part of our family. Our children Steve and Kathleen both know you although Steve was only 6 months and Kathleen wasn't born yet, and I know they have a special Love and Respect for your Memory. Now Caitlin and Alison our Grandaughters will be able to know you Jack, through your Legacy. We think of you often, especially this time of year. Thank you for the utimate sacrifice for our Family's freedom. God Bless you Jack, Rest in Peace!
May 9, 2002


On the anniversary of your death, we Remember and Honor your sacrifice. May you Rest in Peace.
May 8, 2002


Jack: It is almost spring time again and May 8th is approching fast. I can still see you and I coming back from our walk across the Menands Bridge and you talking about your excitement of becoming a Marine and leaving the next day for boot camp and going to fight this War. Just thinking how much we all miss you, Brother. How very Proud and Greateful we are Jack! We Love You! Rest in Peace my Brother.
April 04, 2002


Veterans Day 2001: Jack it has been 33 yrs now but we will never forget what you sacraficed for us. You and all the "Guy's" will never be forgotten, Semper Fi Cousin, May God Bless and Keep You and all fallen Brothers.
November 11, 2001


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