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Born on Dec. 19, 1947
Casualty was on Nov. 9, 1967

Panel 29E - - Line 57

Richard Giebe (left) and Tom Hoying, late '67
(Picture courtesy of Tom Hoying, M Co. 3/5)

Cpl. Richard Giebe served with the 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines, Mike Company, 2nd Platoon. He was Killed In Action during Operation ESSEX. His name stands proudly on the Mike 3/5 Wall of Honor. Semper Fi, Brother Marine. We will never forget.

M Co. 3/5, 2nd platoon, 1967
(picture courtesy of Larry Nunez)

Front: Keith Rounesville, Richard Giebe, Unidentified Marine, Larry Nunez
Back: Bert Watkins, Tony Martinez, Ron Pizana, William Talieferro, Unidentified Marine, John Noel

Operation ESSEX

We grew up together

Ricky and I were together in school from third grade through graduation. I will always remember how surprized I was to learn that he had become a Marine, he was so very proud. Years together, so many years ago. Farewell my friend, rest easy.

Tom Harriss MSGT USAF Ret. 


 The Uncle I Never Got to Meet

I am almost twenty years old, and I never got to meet my Uncle Ricky. However, through the many stories my father tells about him, I know that he was a true hero. He was my dad's only brother. He started telling me stories about him just a few years ago, because after all this time, it is still hard for him to talk about. (My dad was only 13, I think, when Ricky was killed). He wonders what exactly happened to him over in Vietnam, and I decided I would take it upon myself to try to find someone who knows or even someone who served with him over there. There is still a lot I would like to know about my uncle, and it would be nice if someone could help me out. ~Kristin Giebe 


Richey, My Friend
Remembrance from Albert Baker

I grew up in Granite City, Illinois along with Richard Giebe, to me he was Richey. I lived on Edwards Street and Richey lived a few blocks up the street. Richey was a little guy, small on the outside, but big on the inside. In our last year of high school Richey went to summer school so that he could graduate early. At that time the Vietnam War was escalating, Richey told me he did not want to get drafted into the Army he so he joined the Marine Corps. I saw him when he left for bootcamp. The last time I saw him alive was when he came home before being shipped out. We went to Park 'n Eat and had a couple pizza burgers since it would be at least a year before he could enjoy another one. Park 'n Eat was where we all hung out in the sixties in Granite. As for myself, I stayed out of the war for as long as I could, but a lot of my classmates were already there and several had been KIA. Then we get the word another classmate had been killed.

Richey was killed on Nov. 9, 1967, one day before the Birthday of the Marine Corps. I was at Richey's funeral. I saw him for the last time that day and I told myself I was not going to another classmate's funeral, so I joined the Corps a month later. Every year since his death, I visit him at Jefferson Barracks on Nov. 10th and celebrate our Birthday together. Richey was my friend, and a good Marine.

Semper Fi, Richey