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HM2 Eugene Scott Hancock
Born on June 2, 1946
Casualty was on Feb. 24, 1969

Panel 31W - - Line 36

He was our Corpsman

I didn't know him well, he had only been in country a few days. The firefight had been going for two days before he was killed. In that two days, he cared for many wounded Marines. I wish I could have known him better, so that I could write a fitting tribute. All I can truthfully say is that when someone yelled 'corpsman up,' he didn't hesitate. He came running to where he was called. Hey Hancock! Semper Fi.

~Thomas Smith, India 3/7~
 May 24, 1999

HM2 Eugene "Doc" Hancock was a Corpsman with India 3/7. He was killed in the same fierce fighting that killed my friend Tommy Price, Edward "Wolfie" Wolfendale, and several others. Doc Hancock's love for his Marines, administering aid under intense enemy fire, resulted in his being awarded the Navy Cross citation, posthumously. Doc Hancock's Navy Cross Citation is proudly displayed on the Semper Fidelis 7th Marines website.~DR

(FMF Corpsman title by Redeye)
(7th Marines/Corpsman graphic by Vic Vilionis)