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Born on April 6, 1939
Casualty was on Jan 30, 1968

Panel 35E - - Line 75

John Manning

1st Lt. John Manning served with the 3rd Military Police Battalion in Danang, Republic of Vietnam. He was Killed In Action during the 1968 TET Offensive. Semper fi, Brother Marine, we will never forget.

My Brother, My Hero, My Friend

You were my brother so strong and so tall. 
You would comfort me, when I would fall. 
You were so wise and so smart, 
You could always mend my broken heart. 

You were there if I should cry, 
ready to wipe a tear from my eye.


You became my hero just over night. 
You joined the Marine Corps ready to fight. 
A First Lieutenant, that you were, 
ready for anything that might occur.

Letters we wrote kept us in touch, 
Oh dear brother, I miss you so much. 
Our great country, that you worked for,
 sent you to fight in an awful war

You said it was your duty, you had to go. 
The fear I felt then, you'll never know. 
So full of honor, and of pride, 
all my tears I had to hide. 

Then one day, I couldn't believe, 
that terrible message we had received. 
Fighting for a country, that you love, 
sent you to Heaven up above.

Many tears were shed that day, 
so many words left to say. 
Now all we have of your memory, 
is your name on a wall, looking back at me. 

You're not alone, that's easy to see. 
Many men like you lost their lives to keep us free. 
So many names are with you there, 
whose loved ones and friends know the heartache we bare. 

Now today, you are still my friend. 
Special prayers to you I send. 
You were my Brother, my Hero, my Friend, 
and I know one day, I'll see you again. 

~Your Loving Sister, Karen~

John's sister Karen at the Travelling Wall


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