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Casualty was on Feb 7, 1968
Panel 38E - Line 7

Pfc. Timothy David McHugh served with the 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines, Mike Company. He was Killed In Action during the '68 TET Offensive when M Co. 3/5 ran into an ambush in Thann Quit village, Quang Nam Province. Pfc. McHugh's name stands proudly on the Mike 3/5 Wall of Honor. Semper fi, Brother Marine. We will never forget.

See also TET 1968, M Co. 3/5

My Uncle, Pfc Tim McHugh, was attached to M 3/5 when he was killed 7 Feb. 1968 in Thann Quit village, Quang Nam. When he was killed, Frank Ambrose was on one side of him, and Terry Otell on the other. I was able to find out the details of the ambush using the facts from your site and was also able to correspond by email with both Frank and Terry. I never thought I'd find out what happened to Timmy, but now I do and I'm grateful. Thank you.

Semper Fi,
Gene Redding
1st MarDiv, 3rd AAvs, Iraq, 2003


One of my twin brothers
From Your Big Sister w/ love and remembrance

Tim, we've missed you for so,very long...Too long. Our comfort now comes from knowing that Michael is with you; together at last. You knew his struggle, the war he fought daily, bravely till November. He too has left us too soon and suddenly. But he is now free at last. Free of his tubes, tanks and limitations.You both are our heroes... Kasey and Gene are all grown up now. Gene a Marine.Influenced by the example you, his Uncle, set. He has 3 children and his son is named after you...Timothy! Gene has done research on you over the years and has found some fellow Marines who were with you when you "left us" in Quang Nam. I hope to meet them, or at least talk with them. In the meanwhile, Maureen and I maintain contact with your Bonner buddies in the VVA Chapter#67...We've been somewhat adopted...And oh! Remember Scott, Scott Densworth? We have a beer together every now and then....and we reminisce......Love to Mother, Dad and Michael. too. Things have never been the same without you..."Carry on...."

Susie, Maureen and brother, Ed

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