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Born on June 10, 1948
Casualty was on May 21, 1969

Panel 24W - - Line 69

2Lt. Albert Nelson, Jr. served with the 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines, India Company. His name stands proudly on the India 3/5 Wall of Honor. Semper fi, Brother Marine. We will never forget.

You will always be remembered!

Al and I were stationed together for a while at Camp Pendleton. As a Marine Second Lt., I was badly wounded in March of 1969 near Da Nang with Kilo company 3/5 and eventually sent back to the States. In the Great Lakes Naval Hospital I remember getting the news about Al in an article in Life magazine, that showed the formal pictures of those that had given the ultimate sacrifice that week. Al was a friend I will always remember. I recall a trip we took once to the Desert near his home in Oceanside. His folks were kind and wonderful people and must have been devastated with their loss. Al will always be remembered as an American Hero in my book. Thanks Al, you are missed!

David Deats
Friend, Fellow Marine Officer

Served with Al at Camp Pendelton

Al was a fine Marine and a wonderful person whose memory will never fade. Like David Deats, I served for a short time with Al at Camp Pendelton and will never forget what a great guy he really was - he was 100% Marine always ready with a good joke. Among the first ones to lend a hand or explain something. This world will miss men like him.~John McKnight

Schoolmates, Teamates, USMC

Al and I went to school together as Marine brats at Camp Lejeune and Quantico. We ran into each other at the basic school after we both had gone through the Enlisted Commissioning Program and OCS. He was about 3 months behind me in the rotation to WesPac and I didn't hear about his death until I was stationed at Lejeune in 1970. So many of the sons of Marines ended up on The Wall. I was saddened by your death my friend and can imagine the details from the description of the wounds on your obit. You were a fine gentleman, eager to serve as most of us were, and paid the ultimate sacrifice. I salute you as the hero that you are, rest easy my friend and know that you are not forgotten by many people who were at the QHS reunions. Dressin, Gordon, Walt, Slaton, and many others hoisted a few in your memory. Semper Fi, Marine!~Benjamin Dickson