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Born on Feb. 25, 1949
Casualty was on May 29, 1968

Panel 63W - - Line 11

Cpl. Frederick Perkins served in Vietnam with the 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines, Kilo Company. He was KIA on Operation ALLENBROOK, a fierce battle that cost the lives of many 3/5 Marines and Corpsmen.
Frederick's fellow Marines and Docs will never forget his courage, and love for his friends. "Every morning he would jump out of his foxhole, stretch, and yell "GOOD MORNING VIETNAM." ~Kilo 3/5 website

Semper Fidelis, Brother Marine. You are dearly missed, still.

Southie Memory

I grew up with Fred in South Boston, Mass. He was a great kid. When I heard of his death, it was sad. Fred was such a talented kid. The large family that he came from reflected what he was about. I guess he extended his tour in Nam to get out early and get on with his life. I wish I got to see him when he was older. As a kid, we shared a whole lot of life there in the D St. project. Bill McLaren, Sid, Donaldson, Casey, Watson, Riley, Delory and the rest. We were good kids and we spent every day together. Scrub, baseball, or at the beach at the lagoon. It was fun. Who would ever guess what would happen to us. Fred, good luck to you...you are missed by this guy. ~Mike Grig

(Kilo 3/5 graphic by Vic Vilionis)