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Born on Apr. 22, 1943
Casualty was on Feb. 7, 1968
Hostile, died of wounds

Panel 38E - - Line 11

Vernon "Randy" Randolph
Mike 3/5 area Nov.-Dec. '67
(picture courtesy of Randy DePover, nephew)

Cpl. Vernon Randolph served with the 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines, M Co. He was Killed In Action during the 1968 TET Offensive when the Marines of M/3/5 were ambushed in a ville during a supposed "cease fire." His name stands proudly on the Mike 3/5 Wall of Honor. Semper Fi, Brother Marine. We will never forget.

7 February 1968

(pictures courtesy of Randy DePover, nephew)

"Randy" Randolph, mid '67

"Randy" Randolph

"Randy" Randolph

Mike 3/5 area Nov.-Dec. '67

Friend and Fellow Marine

Randy is my Best Friend of all my time on active duty. He was my squad leader, and I was his bodyguard. We were like one person in those days. We went everywhere together. When I had gotten there (Vietnam), I had been in training in Hawaii, so I thought I wasn't so green. On my first night patrol we sat in an ambush, and it was so dark. I had to ease nature, so I crawled out away from the partol and went in a ditch. When I got back Randy told me never to do that again, that they might mistake me for a Gook and shoot me. This is my first remembrance of Randy. A teacher as well as a friend. Months later we had a guy killed in our base camp after he crawled back into the lines.

Randy is always on my mind. He has always been on my mind. He will never be forgotten. See you one day, my friend.~Turk

Larry "Thorny" Thornmeyer, Unknown, Gary Wells, Vernon "Randy" Randolph

Randy and Unknown Marine

Thorny and Randy

Age 15

Some Gave All

Vernon's nick name to his buddies was Randy. To his family, it was Non. We are very proud of him. He left behind two children, Todd and Kris; three sisters, Sandy, Brenda and Kathy; and Mom and Dad. He is buried in our hometown of Pleasant Valley, Iowa. He was brave, and we miss him very much.~Sandy DePover, Sister

Randy at home with sister Kathy when he was on leave

"Randy" Randolph


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