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Born on Feb. 18, 1950
Casualty was on April 8, 1969

Panel 27W - - Line 36


In Honor & Remembrance of My Brother

Though we were unable to grow old physically, we have spiritually. I wear your KIA Bracelet given to me by your good friend, Hank. It is a treasure, and I feel connected. I had the Honor of meeting some of your Brothers last June, what a Memorable Time. Say hello to our sister, we love and miss you both. As you know, a lot is going on here, but we are strong. So, you like the Bob Seger CD. I always feel your presence when I'm playing that one. 

Luv Ya


  Pictures Roger sent home to his family from Vietnam

Hank Henry and Roger Bragg (right)
Vietnam 1969

Miss ya Bro'

I am in regular contact with your father, Herb & your sister, Roberta. Great people, as you well know. When I return to our home state of Washington, I always go to our state Vietnam Memorial, and leave a little something by your name. It's a great memorial. I wear your KIA bracelet, you are dearly missed by all of your Lima 3/5 brothers. We salute you every June at our annual Reunion. Miss ya bro, 'the hankster'.~Hank Henry, Squad Leader & Friend

We Remember 

3rd Battalion, 5th Marines, Lima Company 

Lima 3/5 Wall of Honor

~Semper Fidelis, Brother~

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