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Born on June 18, 1949
Casualty was on Jan. 30, 1968

Panel 35E - - Line 73

Roy Jackson
January '68

(picture courtesy of John Gundersen, I/3/5)

Pfc. Roy Jackson served with the 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines, India Company. He was Killed In Action during the TET Offensive of 1968 during a battle the I/3/5 Marines call Operation ALAMO. His name stands proudly on the India 3/5 Wall of Honor. Semper fi, Brother Marine. We will never forget.

Operation ALAMO

The people of India Company 3/5 will honor this Marine with the highest regard of the Marine Corps.
Thank you our friend, and Semper Fi.

Curtis Eidson, India 3/5

Roy Jackson, January '68

"He used to tell me that he hoped he never had to hurt anybody. As it worked out, he never did."

Roy Jackson, My Hero

When I remember Roy, I remember this boyish face. He used to talk about life on the farm. I used to laugh my butt off when he tried to explain what a fertilizer hopper was. He would use his hands to show what different parts were in conjunction with another. Cracked me up.

He was a real honest to goodness innocent man. He used to laugh with me. He always made me laugh. Now when I remember him, I cry. I guess it's because he's not here to laugh with anymore. I wish I could find a family member. Maybe they would show me a fertilizer hopper. Maybe someday.

Roy used to tell me that he hoped he would never have to hurt anyone. As it worked out, he never did. The last time I saw Roy alive, I was carrying a wounded Marine to the medevac LZ. I heard this voice say,"Hey Gunny, you better get your head down, you're going to get hit."I looked over, and there laying beside a paddy dike was Roy. He had this big smile on his face. I told him I would as soon as I got back to the squad.

The next day, after all the action had ceased, a Marine from his squad came up to me and told me what had happened. I was stunned. It took a while for the reality to sink in. Then I cried, and still cry when I remember that smiling face.

Rest in Peace my brother. My son carries your name.
John "Gunny" Gundersen, India 3/5

Roy Jackson, January '68


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