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In Memory of LCpl. Everett Daniel Seed
Oct. 6, 1948-Dec. 28, 1975

Nov. 16, 2010 My name is Bobbi Metheny, I'm looking for anyone who knew my father, Lance Corporal Seed, Everett D. Seed (Danny for short). He was in Company M 3rd battalion 5th Marines in Vietnam. My father passed away in 1975 when I was 2. I pretty much have nothing but a few letters he wrote my mom while he was in the war. I got a picture of his Boot Camp Platoon from Rick Shelby who was in boot camp with dad. After I found Rick Shelby and he learned of my dad's passing, he bought a brick in my dad's memory to be placed at Kingman Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Rick's kindness has touched my heart. I sent off for dad's military records and now that I have gotten to see them and read them, they have become the most important thing I have. I'd love to hear from someone who knew him or might have pictures of him. If I could just hear from one person who knew him that could just tell me a story, no matter how small the details it would be great. And if I could possibly ever get another picture of him, well I couldn't ask for more than that.~Bobbi Metheny

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Plt. 292, San Diego 1968
Everett Daniel Seed is in the second row from the top, 7th man in
(picture courtesy of Rick Shelby)

Brick bought by Rick Shelby, placed at the Kingman Vietnam Veterans Memorial
(picture courtesy of Rick Shelby)


LCpl. Everett Daniel Seed served in Vietnam with the 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines, M Co. from Oct. 1968 to Oct. 1969. He participated in Operations HENDERSON HILL, TAYLOR COMMON, MUSKOGEE MEADOW, PIPESTONE CANYON, MEADE RIVER and DURHAM PEAK. He received the Purple Heart for injuries received on Feb. 23, 1969, and the Navy Achievment Medal with Combat "V" for his heroic actions in helping a wounded Marine to safety on Feb. 28, 1969. LCpl. Seed passed away in 1975 from illness. Semper Fi, brother Marine...we will never forget.

LCpl. Seed's Navy Achievment Citation
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Fellow Marine
Written by George Autobee to Everett Daniel Seed's daughter, Bobbi
Nov. 26, 2010

Dear Bobbi, I do remember your father. He was a hell of a Marine. I did several nights on overnight watch with him. I was not at Firebase Maxwell when he was wounded, I was out on leave when he was hit. The other Marines told me what happened, and that he had a lot guts to go out after a wounded Marine while they were under fire. I was wounded again in March and he returned to the unit the day I was going home. Be proud of your father, and know that he did his duty with honor. Saving the life of another Marine is quite the feat, very bold and daring.~ Cpt. George Autobee (Ret.) USMC/USAR

Everett Daniel Seed (kneeling) and M Co. 3/5 Marines
(picture courtesy of George Autobee)

M Co. 3/5 60mm paltoon, Christmas 1968
Front, kneeling: "Smokey" Robinson, George Autobee
Behind them: Cpl. Mayes, "Cartoon", Stewart (blond), Marine behind Stewart (unidentified)
Standing: Unidentified, LCpl. DeBose, Cpl. Hill, Richard Montgomery, Unidentified, Everett Daniel Seed (far right)
(picture courtesy of George Autobee)


Everett Seed at Bunker #25 An Hoa Combat Base 1969
(Picture courtesy of Barry Mitchell)

60mm Mortars
Written by Barry Mitchell to Everett Daniel Seed's daughter, Bobbi (Jan. 12, 2011)

My name is Barry Mitchell and I was certainly with your Dad in Mike Company 3/5, 60 mortars. He was a good friend and everyone liked him. I tell stories of him often. He and I were practical jokesters. I was at our unit's reunion last June (it was my 1st) and met several others that would have known your Dad. I have another good friend that was a Mortarman with us that I email, I will pass your address along to him also, only with your permission of course. I have two or three pictures of your Dad as well. I am so sorry that your Dad is no longer with us but, happy that you have emailed me.

I'm going to give you one of the most infamous jokes played on me and your Dad was a key player. At the reunion last year I told this story and several of the guys there that wasn't even in 60 Mortars had heard of of the incident. Mike company was holding a blocking line along an old railroad burne on Operation Pipestone Canyon 1969. I was walking along the back side of this burne in the area of our company. The grass there wasn't much higher than the grass in ones yard. My trouser leg were always rolled up to my knees because of the heat. All of a sudden I felt something touch my leg, I froze standing there with almost panic like. I looked down to see there was a trip wire loose around my leg. It was very unusual to see a loose trip wire. I followed the wire with my eyes (I didn't dare move) to a 250 lb. bomb laying in the brush to my left about 20yds. away, in those days I had very good eye sight. I could see the wire that with a blasting cap in an open end of the bomb. Cpl. Clevenger our section leader at that time saw the strange look on my face and ask what was wrong and I told him of the wire and the bomb to my left. He immediately told me not to move at which time I reply don't worry. He said he would get an Engineer to look at it, and directed all others to take cover about 100yds away in a ditch or low area. He and your Dad and some others came back in a few minutes and carefully turned me away from the bomb and put a helmet on me as well as about a half a dozen or so flack jackets they got me to lean over on all fours before piling on all of these flack jackets. It was so hot, over 100 degrees, the sweat was pouring off me. I was out there for about 45 minutes or so when I realized it wouldn't make a difference what I had on a bomb of that size would just vaporize me, so I carefully took the jackets and helmet off to get some air and feel the breeze. It was like being in front of a cool fan once I got all of that off. I sat there facing away from the bomb still on all fours when I heard your Dad walking toward me asking what I was doing there on the ground. I was pleading with him saying Seed go away I've got a trip wire attached to a 250 lb. bomb on my leg and it's over there pointing to the brush behind me. He stop a couple of feet from me and I could tell he was looking over the situation. Then I hear him say hummm, you know that's a loose trip wire. I said yes I know Seed just go away the Engineer is checking it out, everyone is over there in the ditch, so please don't touch anything and go away. At that time he said that's a loose trip wire and it won't do anything, at that time he step to me and grabbed the wire and gave it a big jerk, my heart jumped up my throat and the wire went coiling all over the place. I was then laying spread eagle on the ground and he began laughing and telling me they disarmed the bomb the first 5 minutes and wanted to see how long I would last out here in the hot sun. I jump up and started chasing him all over the area telling him I was going to kick his ass and many other expletives. He began runing toward the ditch the others were laying in, when we got to the ditch I stopped chasing him and was then looking at all the others rolling and laughing on the ground. It was at that point I had decided it was a damn good joke and started laughing also, but still offering up expletives and that pay back would be a "mother" and I will get even some day. I never before felt so tired and acking. Some day I'll tell you how I got back at them, that pay back would also be remembered by many and become just as infamous.

(Pictures courtesy of Barry Mitchell)

Arizona Territory 8 Sept. 1969
Left to right: Everett Seed, Joe Ambs, David Wiebenga, Bob Clevenger, Barry Mitchell, Dan Vest

This is the 2nd day after being overrun. Your Dad, David, Me and Dan were the four left from the night we were over run. Joe and Bob came out to reinforce us and to bring needed parts to our Mortar.

Dugas, Larry Mullens, Barry Mitchell, Everett Seed
Operation Durham Peak 1969

M Co. 3/5 60mm Mortar Team

This picture was taken after Everett Seed had left Vietnam and just before I left. I'm the one in shorts and arms crossed, I was the Section Leader at that time, I believe about Nov. '69. About half of those Marines were transfered when 3rd Marine Division was sent home. They didn't have enough time to rotate yet so they came to us. They were very good mortarmen as well, and good Marines.

Barry Mitchell


Remembrances from LCpl. Everett Daniel Seed's Family Members

Sent in by Debbie Smith, Jan. 18, 2011

I am Bobbi's cousin and wanted to thank you for helping her locate information about her dad. I was only 13 when Danny passed but I remember him as a fun loving guy. As I read some of the stories, it brought tears to my eyes because the valor and committment these guys had to protect our freedom is awesome. For me it was nice to read that he was as fun loving and nice over there as he was here. Thank you to everyone who have posted and will post items for Bobbi. She deserves to know all she can about her dad and his life as a Marine.~Debbie Smith


Sent in by Rick Richardson, Everett "Danny" Seed's cousin, Jan. 18, 2011

Note: After Bobbi shared her Dad's Memorial page with his cousin, Rick and his wife, Sue, Rick began telling Sue some of his favorite memories with his cousin, Danny. Our thanks to Sue for emailing them to Bobbi for this Memorial page.

Bobbi, Rick was born in 1955 so there was about a 6-year age difference between them. He said Danny always pecked on his bedroom window so they could go squirrel hunting together. Rick said he was about 14 years old at the time. He also said your Dad would get nervous every time the guys showed up at his house to go to the motocross races. He said he'd start throwing up before they left just knowing where they were going. One time Rick and Danny went to a two-man race where one man would race about 10-15 minutes at a time then switch riders. He said your Mom never knew it, but Danny totaled out Rick's motorcycle.

He also told me how he and Danny burned down Danny's garage one day. They were working on Danny's motorcycle and he lit a match to burn some carbon off a spark plug and it caught the gas can on fire. He tried to kick the can out the door, but it caught the door frame on fire. Ended up burning the entire garage down. Rick said he had just left when he heard sirens, went back and saw what had happened. He's laughing his head off telling it now! I told him that I bet your mom, Betsy didn't laugh!!! Then he told me Betsy wouldn't let Danny have a motorcycle in the same class as Rick because she said they were too crazy! I'm sure your Mom has some dandy stories too. If he gets to telling me more, I'll email again.

Rick said when Danny got back from the service, they got really close and ran around together after both of them were married. I know Rick visits Danny's grave every time he's in the cemetery and still has a hard time dealing with his death. He said Danny was just like an older brother to him and he really misses him.

Love you!