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Casualty was on May 10, 1969

Panel 25W - Line 43

Pfc. Ronny Smith served with the 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines, Mike Company. He was Killed In Action on May 10, 1969. His name stands proudly on the Mike 3/5 Wall of Honor. Semper Fidelis, Brother Marine. We will never forget.

May 10, 1969

Pfc. Ronny Smith and Pfc. Herbert Murphy died while on road security along Liberty Road just outside of An Hoa. They were members of the first platoon who were assigned to daylight observation positions along the road that led from the An Hoa combat base and Da Nang. Unfortunately Smith and Murphy who had the same assignment the day before returned back to the same exact position the next day. This was a bad practice as the enemy use to observe the positions the marines used and at the end of the day when the positions would be abandoned, the enemy often would booby trap the positions in hopes the marines would return to the same position instead of a new one which would require digging a new fighting hole. Smith and Murphy went to the same position and were killed instantaneously by the blast of the booby trap. I personally helped retrieve the bodies and while doing so discovered several other trip wires attached to boobtraps. The enemy had most certainly been observing the actions of the marines along Liberty Road...Semper Fi, Paul O'Connel

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Never Forgotten

Ronny Smith (some people called him Smitty) from Mississippi was a very good friend in high school. I was told that he was killed somewhere at Liberty Bridge when he and another Mike 3/5 Marine hit a booby trap in their foxhole May 10, 1969. Last time I talked to him was up by 5th Marines hooches and the so-called little p.x. there. He promised to write and we’d keep in touch but he never got to write. He and I played sports together, hunted, and double dated sisters so I thought a lot of him. I didn’t know he was KIA until I got home so I didn’t know any details. My mother knew but couldn’t bring herself to tell me till I got home. Ronny Smith was a good friend and good Marine. Served well, and I am proud to have been your friend. You'll not be forgotten.~Hal Creel, First Force Recon Co. 68-69


We remember and honor Ronny

I am the niece of Ronny Smith and post this message for my aunts and uncles who will always remember him as a loving brother who made the ultimate sacrifice for all of us. As a family, we remember and honor Ronny, he has never been forgotten. Freedom isn't free - we salute all the soldiers and families who have paid the price. God Bless America! ~Rhonda Quenzer