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Born on Jan. 24, 1950
Casualty was on Nov. 28, 1970
Panel 6W - - Line 89

M Co. 3/5 Marines, Craig Ward (right)
(Picure courtesy of Carlos Delgado, M/3/5)

LCpl. Craig Ward served with the 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines, Mike Company. His name stands proudly on the Mike 3/5 Wall of Honor alongside the Marines he fought and died with. Semper fi, Brother Marine. We will never forget.

M Co. 3/5 Marines, Craig Ward is on the right in both pictures
(Pictures courtesy of Carlos Delgado, M/3/5)

Troy Odom, Craig Ward, Tom Lindsay
(Picture courtesy of Tom Lindsay, M/3/5)

I remember Craig Ward very well. Craig had been transfered from my squad to another squad just days before he died. We were still in the same platoon and were in the same general area that day. His squad was was on patrol next to the area my squad was searching. Craig was a great guy.~Tom Lindsay

Front: Sammuell Mark, Carlos Delgado, Craig Ward
Back: Peake, Tony Perez, Tom Lindsay, Woodrow Tracey, Troy Odom, Matsako

(Picture courtesy of Tom Lindsay, M/3/5)

Front: Tom Lindsay, Tony Perez
Back: Carlos Delgado, Craig Ward
(Picture courtesy of Tom Lindsay, M/3/5)

Delgado, Connell, Odom, Branum, Tracy, Craig Ward, Matsako
(Picture courtesy of Tom Lindsay, M/3/5)

Rubbing of Craig Ward's name from The Wall in DC
(Picture courtesy of Tom Lindsay, M/3/5)


A Neighborhood Friend

Craig was a little older than me, but I remember my older brothers telling me that when we all played "Tarzan" everybody wanted to be Tarzan except little Craig. He wanted to be Cheeta, the monkey. What fun it is to be a child. As My brother spoke in another rememberance. Innocent Youth. God Bless You, Craig.

P. J. Shay


Waxing a car

I was Craig's neighbor and childhood friend. Our yards were adjacent...across the back alley. It must have been in May of 1967 that I was cleaning my 1956 Pontiac Star Chief up for the Junior Prom at my school. Craig and I had drifted apart in our teens...going to different high schools...but he saw me and walked over...we visited about school...and life in general...taking off our shirts...and soaking up sunshine...as we laid on a coat of wax...I remembered being a little kid with Craig...cutoff jeans...no shirt and barefoot...a couple of innocents. Craig always had a shy smile on his face...I never saw him angry or cross. I have no doubt that he is in heaven right now.

Vince Shay