Joe Anchondo (farthest right) and his 81s crew

Joe Anchondo, H&S and Kilo 3/5 Joe was in Vietnam in 67-68 with H&S 3/5 in 81s, also as FO with Lima Company. The left picture is Joe with friend, John Graves. 

Joe and his family are very special to Brad and I because finding him was a priority for our India 3/5 friend, Curtis Eidson.  

Curtis was looking for Joe because when they both came back to the States from Vietnam, Joe loaned Curtis $20 to get home from San Francisco to Georgia. For 30 years, it had been bothering Curtis that he had no way to repay his friend. Then he got a computer, and began searching all over the Internet, posting messages on USMC Lost & Found sites and Guestbooks, and we took up the search with him.

Almost a year went by with all of us searching for "Anchondo" with no success, but we never gave up. One day, we asked our H&S friend, Hans Haupt, to see if he could come up with any leads, and as if by magic, Hans had Joe and his wife Barbara on the phone within just a few hours. Hans was so excited, he made a rare phone call that night to let us know that Curtis was in for a big surprise in the morning! 

Thank you Hans, Curtis, and all the rest of you Marines who were searching for "Anchondo" with us. And thank you, Joe, for sharing your pictures and family with all of us. God bless, and Semper fi, Brother Marine. ~DR

Joe and daughter, Cheri

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