Jim Blankenheim

Jim Blankenheim, H&S 3/5 I was a FAC with H&S, I got moved around. I was actually with Mike Company first, then India Company, and eventually I spent a short time with Kilo Company. I was finally assigned to the Tactical Air Control Party at Battalion my last month.  By far, the longest I was with anyone was Mike Company. 

Like everyone else, I'm looking for guys I served with. I was a Forward Air Controller attached to India in late '68 to early '69. You guys nicknamed me "Napoleon" the time we were pinned down on that plateau west of An Hoa in November of '68. We watched a Special Forces unit down in the valley getting the stuffing kicked out of them. I joined you after Operation SUSSEX BAYwhen the CP got wiped out.~Jim Blankenheim.

Jim and Phyllis Blankenheim
~224th USMC Birthday~

Jim was in Vietnam much of the same time as Brad, and on many of the same operations and patrols. Please check out  "NVA Base Camp" to read Jim's recollection of Mike 3/5 meeting head on with an NVA Base Camp. Thank you for your pix and recollections, Jim. From the bottom of my heart, "Welcome Home, Brother Marine."~DR

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Jim's Former Skipper Frank Pacello presents the Navy Achievement Award to him, Feb. 2004
Joining them were M/3/5 Marines Curtis Batten, Rock Giambrocco, Jerry Lomax and "Doc" Everett Wood

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Jim's Navy Commendation Citation

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