Brad Reynolds
August 1966   

Brad Reynolds, Mike 3/5 Served with M Co. 3/5 in Vietnam from Sept. 15, '67 to June 15, '68. Participated in Operations SHELBYVILLE, ESSEX, NO NAME 97, BAXTER GARDEN, AUBURN, TET '68, HOUSTON and HOUSTON II, ALLEN BROOK, MAMELUKE THRUST and many other "No Names" and patrols. Received two Purple Hearts 7 February '68 during the TET Offensive. June 15, '68 stepped on a mine during Operation MAMELUKE THRUST, received third Purple Heart in a VA hospital back in the States. Medically retired out of the Corps in '69.

Sept. '67, new incountry

Nov. '67, after Operation ESSEX

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Marine Corps Recruiting Depot San Diego
Platoon 2038, August 1966. Brad is in the top row, 4th from the left

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Brad, M Co. 3/5

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1st Platoon, Mike 3/5
Brad Reynolds, Jack Swan, Richard Hipp, Steve Howsmon

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Brad is in the first 4 pics, can't remember the names of the other guys

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Forrest Bartram, killed May 16, '68 while cleaning Brad's 3/5 rocket launcher
Forrest Bartram Memorial page

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If anyone recognizes these Marines, please let us know

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Death cards

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Can't remember when these were taken

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1. Brad Reynolds
2. Richard Hipp (front), Brad (with pack) and Unknown (can't remember his name)
3. Hipp, Pratchard, and Tom Briggs (listening to the radio).
4. Unknown, Briggs, Hipp and Unknown
5. Hipp (left) and Unknown
6. M/3/5 Marines

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Tom Briggs, close friend, KIA Feb. 8, '68
Tom Briggs Memorial page

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Hometown news article when Brad was wounded 15 June '68

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Brad's Combat History

Operation ESSEX

Operation AUBURN 

Operation HOUSTON

Operation HOUSTON II


Mike 3/5 Website

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