Ron Carson
India 3/5 1967-68

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1. I think this is Doc Goss. That is what I have on a picture I made in 68. Same guy anyway. (Curtis Eidson)
2. The guy with his back turned is Slick Mowery. The guy scratching his head is Larry Vaught The one with a shirt on is Jeff Ludburg. The one on the right is Gary Callahan. Curtis Eidson on the far court. On the left, Billy Bolton is in the back looking down. Chuck Strong is the one with his hands on his hips. I don't know the other guy. (Curtis Eidson)
3. ?
4. Ron Carson
5. ?

1. Jake Bortscheller center of picture holding "Daisy Bell," his M-60, maybe Duckworth on the radio with Ace of Spades on his helmet? (Curtis Eidson)
2. ?
3. George Colletti
4. Robert Peterson (KIA 30 Jan. 68) with his back turned, Marine sitting ?

1. ?
2. and 3. Lt. Ross, Terry Welcher, Chunky Stonebreaker ("Doc" Goss behind Terry Welcher)
4. Corpsman on left, ?

1. ?
2. Ron Carson
3. ?, Ron Carson
4. Ron Carson on far right

1. Craig Tschetter (sitting), ? standing
2. ?, ?
3. ?
4. ?

1. ?
2. 1st Plt. Jake Bortscheller (without shirt), Chunky Stonebreaker, Eddie Garcia (?), not sure of the others
3. ?
4. Liberty Bridge?

November 2003, Seattle, WA
Ted Duckworth, Ron Carson, Gil Currie

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