Dave Engler

Dave Engler, USMC  WWII, 1942-1946  Born in 1922 in a small town (Palmerton)  in upstate Pennsylvania. Reported to Parris Island, S.C. in June, 1942, and followed Boot Camp (Platoon #437) with Radio School at Quantico, VA.

Joined the newly formed 2nd Bn., 12th Marines, 3rd Marine Division, at New River, N.C. in fall of 1942, and stayed with that unit for 2-1/2 years which included 27 months  in the Pacific Area of Operations. 

I was involved, as a radio operator (artillery fire direction center and forward observer), in the Consolidation of the Northern Solomons, and the landings and invasions on the islands of Bougainville, Guam and Iwo Jima. It was during this time that I finally reached the "exalted" rank of Corporal.

Returning to the states for R&R, I and many others were saved from more combat (possible invasion of Japan) by the a-bomb events of August, 1945. I finished the balance of my 4-year cruise between the Philadelphia Navy Yard and the Artillery Training Battalion at Quantico, Virginia.

Back home, got married, got a job and raised 3 children while attending college at nights for 9 years in order to obtain a B.S. in Chemical Engineering. I now have 11 grandchildren, have been retired since 1987, and spend much of my time with veterans' organizations. I am still one of my neighborhood's biggest flag wavers and can't hear the National Anthem, see Old Glory, or watch a military parade (with some good, old, Sousa marches) without the tears running down my cheeks.

I credit my time in OUR CORPS, with its discipline and Esprit de Corps, for most of what has occurred in my life. I cringe when I hear people refer to "retired Marines", "former Marines" or "ex-Marines". To me, we are all the same - MARINES....!

We have all had the same or similar experiences and have been made better for having gone through it. I don't believe that any other branch of service or group of people, men or women, can say the same. I wasn't there with you all in Vietnam - not in person - but I was there in spirit. Here's wishing all of you the very best.

Once a Marine, Always a Marine - SEMPER FI, - Dave

Dave's service ribbons in order of precedence

Combat Action Ribbon (USMC & Navy equivalent of Army's Combat Infantryman's Badge - Just recently (within the last year) authorized for W.W. II actions, Navy Unit Commendation Ribbon with Star for second award (One for Bougainville and Guam and one for Iwo Jima), USMC Good Conduct Medal,  American Theater of Operations Medal, Asiatic - Pacific Theater of Operations Medal with 4 Stars representing 4 major combat actions:  Consolidation of the Northern Solomons and the invasions of Bougainville, Guam and Iwo Jima, W.W. II Victory Medal.

Dave and Doreen Engler
USMC Birthday
Nov. 10, 1945

    Doreen Engler passed away Feb. 7, 1998 due to a bout of pneumonia. She is dearly missed by her family and friends. Please visit Doreen's Memorial Page in the Combat Wives section.

In Loving Memory of Doreen Engler

    Thank you so much Dave for sharing your USMC tour with us, and for your encouraging words to Marines young and older. We are proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with you, Brother Marine. Semper fidelis~Brad and Debbe Reynolds

Dave with Brad and Deb in Philly
11 Nov. 2002

Dave Engler's Family Photo Page

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