Chuck and Maureen Greene

Chuck Greene, Mike 3/5  I was in-country 66-67. Our first assignment was called SLF (Special Landing Force). We were a Battalion Landing Team, but assigned to Helicopter Insertions off of the USS Princeton. HMM362 and HMM364 Helicopter Squadrons were assigned on the Princeton with us. 

My first operation was Operation NATHAN HALE, and then we rolled in to DECKHOUSE I, and then I believe Operation PRAIRIE. I was on the first part of Operation HASTINGS. I was dinged a couple of times, spent time in Subic Bay in the Hospital, then to Guam, and finally back to the States to Great Lakes Naval Hospital in Chicago. This was the closest to my home, as I am originally from a suburb of Detroit, Michigan, a little town called Southgate.

Remember the training at Marguerita, the trip from Long Beach on the Renville, the one night stop in Hawaii. Then on to Okinawa to pick up the Princeton. First OP off of the Princeton was NATHAN HALE. I was shot on that OP, and then again on the next OP, PRAIRIE I think. 

I was with the third platoon, third squad, third fire team. I was an automatic rifleman. Our Platoon Commander was Lieutenant Lindblom. Platoon Sergeant was Staff Sergeant Mickey Finn, Squad Leaders, Ortiz, Boyer and Turner. Fireteam Leaders, CPLS Young, Davidson, Craft and Perez. CPL Perez was KIA on Operation NATHAN HALE. 

Others in the Platoon were Paul Blackburn, Mike Pape, a kid from Kansas named Eberhardt, another Blackburn we called BB, an American Indian Pesewonit, we called him Chief, Sandoval, Mike Reardon, John Sanchez. Jim Madden. Gary Bolen was attached to our platoon 0331 M-60, John Hernandez M-79 man. 

After 30+ years I found CPL Perez' parents. They were in Lone Pine, California. I was surprised to know they only got a message which said their son was KIA, never any details. I was able to provide details, and gave them some closure. I visited them this summer, they were very nice people. Pesewonit and Sanchez KIA, PRAIRIE or HASTINGS, can't remember right now. Semper Fi/Greeneman

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