Ken Miller with Gen. Ray Davis

 Ken Miller, Mike 3/9, 68-69 This is me and General Ray Davis, He was Commander of 3rd Marine Division when I was in Nam 68/69. His son was a Platoon Commander for Kilo 3/9 at the same time, and also returned for the trip (back to Vietnam in '99). General Davis was the one who awarded Curtis Eidson (I/3/5) his Bronze Star in a ceremony in Georgia. He is truly a Marine's Marine. 

Upon returning from our trip, he sent me, and all 9th Marine veterans who returned to Vietnam on the Anniversary of Operation Dewey Canyon, his biography, signed and a notation. When I received it, I was overwhelmed and just got teary eyed. I sent him a letter, and told him how honored I was to return to Vietnam with him, as well as my Brothers from 9th Marines, and requested if he could send me another biography so I could leave one to each of my sons. Received one the following week, God what an HONOR.  Semper-Fi, ~Ken Miller~

Now that's a lunker, Buzzard!!
Semper fi, my Brother. ~DR~


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