Ed (Don) Mashaney

Ed (Don) Mashaney, Mike 3/5 I was incountry in December '67, and wounded Feb. 4, '68. I was sent to Japan to an Army hospital. Can't remember how long I was in Japan, but was sent back to Nam to Mike Company 3/5.

There weren't very many guys that I knew when I got back. I should have known Brad. Maybe it will come to me just like it finally dawned on me when I saw Montgomery and his picture. I'm pretty sure he was the one we were trying to carry in a poncho with a bad wound in his left shoulder to get on a chopper. Never did know if he made it or not.

I can't remember the exact date I left Nam, I think it was in May '68. The color pics were when we were in Phu Bai waiting on orders to leave Nam. 

I remember the first day I was at 3/5, the Battalion was on an operation in the field, and I had the choice of unloading body bags, or going to the bush. I picked the bush. 

Mashaney, M Co. 3/5

On Feb.4, '68 when we were ambushed on Hwy. 1, a Marine ran up to a 106mm recoilless rifle mounted on a mule and tried to fire it, but was shot in the right lung and came out his back. We were both waiting to be choppered out, and he was showing me some pics of his kids. He made it okay, because I saw him in Okinawa when I was going back to Nam. 

Would like to hear from other Mike guys. Semper fi,~ Ed Mashaney

Ed (Don) Mashaney and Mike 3/5 Marines


Lucibello, McPeak, Workman and Mashaney


Mashaney and Lucibello, Phu Bai, after their 3rd Purple Hearts

Mashaney and Workman, south of Danang

If anyone remembers the names of these Marines, please email us.

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