Ed McCurry "Whiskey 2"

Ed McCurry, H&S 3/5   I was incountry March to October 1970 after requesting a transfer from 1st MAW (REAR) in Iwakuni, Japan. 

I was a radio operator (call sign Whiskey 2) for an 81mm. mortar section, first on Hill 37, near Dai Loc on Rte 4, in Quang Nam Province, from the spring to the summer.  

 Moved to Hill 52, also on Rte. 4, further west, in the summer. In September, we moved over to FSB Ross, in the coastal plain, pretty close to the Que Sons. I was lucky, dodging incoming was my closest exposure to danger. It missed.~Ed McCurry


FSB Ross, October '70, me on left and LCpl. Dan Dunsmore on right, both radio operators with H&S, me with 81s, and Dan with an 81s FO (he worked with Curt Munson also).

Ed and Betty McCurry

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(Pics and captions courtesy of Ed McCurry)