Richard Montgomery "Monty" (left) and Charles Scott, Bronze Star recipient

Richard Montgomery, Mike 3/5 67-68  I arrived incountry the end of 1967, and joined Mike Company. I was assigned to 60mm mortars, and remained there for my first tour. I served as an ammo carrier, assistant gunner, gunner, and squad leader.


I participated in "named" Combat operations; Auburn, Houston, Houston II, and Houston IV, Baxter Gardens, Allen Brook, Mameluke Thrust, Sussex Bay, Maui Peak, Henderson Hill, Taylor Common, and countless "no named" ops.  

The fight on Hill 1192 (May 1968) WAS a HUGE battle in terms of KIA's and WIA's. Dan, The Mighty Quinn and Doc Whitbeck all have vivid memories of the Hell that was 1192.

Mike 3/5 Marines

M/3/5 Marines raising the flag after the Battle for Hill 310, Aug. 1968

After completing my tour with Mike Company, I extended and was sent to 1st Marine Air Wing, and assigned to TANGO SECURITY. I returned to the "World" in August/September of 1969.  

Upon my return, I found myself in direct conflict with the strengthening anti-war movement  (of which my own younger brother took part). After several scrapes with  these people, I knew I was headed for jail so, I packed my shit, and went back to Asia. I ended up in Taiwan, where I lived for the next 20 odd years.

In 1988/89, I decided to pack up, and give Thailand a try (Taiwan had become very expensive). After a couple of years in Bangkok, I decided to see what the Islands were like. 

Diem "Tim" 

I found a newly-built bungalow on Koh Samui (in the Gulf of Siam), and have been there ever since. I have been with my wife/girlfriend, Tim, for the past 10 years. I return to the U.S. once in a while to visit my parents, who live in Florida, and to deal with the VA and Social Security.~Monty   


 In July 2000, Monty joined up with fellow Mike 3/5 Marines "Dirty" Dan Hignight and Jim "The Mighty" Quinn, and Doc Whitbeck. It had been 31 years years since they'd seen each other. 


Left Picture: Monty, Dan Hignight, Doc Whitbeck and Jim Quinn.
Right Picture: Monty and "an old friend" at Hignight's place.  

Monty's Patches


 5th Marine Regiment Patch
Southeast Asia Operations Patch (Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam)
3rd Battalion, 5th Marines Patch

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