Terry Otell

Terry Otell, Mike 3/5 Enlisted 7-67...Parris Island, Plt. #2015-grad. PI 9-67. -Camp Stone Bay, N.C., ITR, BST. -11-67-staging bat'l Camp Pendelton, CA. -12-67-AIC. -12-24-67, DaNang, to 5thMar. HQ., assigned to "Medevac" Mike CO. Arrived 3/5 base camp. -12-24-67 pm (incoming satchel charge attack that evening).
-12-27-67 Operation AUBURN (acquire PRC 25, o.j.t., 0311/RO).

Operation AUBURN

-1-68 Many patrols, small ops, lots of night work. 1-31-68 TET ambushed @ 1830 hrs. -2-3-68 reactionary op, accross Hwy. 1, heavy gun battle, houch to houch w/NVA, casualties both sides, pull back, night medevacs. -2-8-68 medevac out of country to Yokosuka Naval Hospital.


-Deadly NVA ambush, Hwy. 1, numerous KIA's, WIA's (what was left of 1st plt. from 2-3-68, got surrounded and jumped by a "well-concealed numerically superior force," was able to direct the rest of Mike CO. to our location with my radio, and they were able to fight thru them and allow us to get our WIA's and later our KIA's to a ARVN compound to start the medevac process. I was e-vac to NAS DaNang, then an A.F. hospital

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Navy Achievment Medal for actions 7 February 68

-3-20-68 Back to 3/5 Phu Bai, 3rd plt., patrols, sm ops, WIA.

M/3/5 Marines Terry Otell (left) and Benny (can't remember his last name)
May '68

-4-23/4-24-68 Thua Thien-in charge of "F" troop 3/5 rear Phu Bai (remf's)(burn shitters, etc.).
-5-25-68 Back to Okie.
-6-4-68 Reassigned to Marine Barracks, Sasebo, Japan.
-1-5-69 THE WORLD
-2-5-69 Camp Lejeune
-4-10-69 Discharged honorable
-5-2001 Cabinet maker by trade, working for the US Army Corps of Eng's on the upper Allegheny River as a lock operator in western PA near where I grew up north of Pittsburgh.

Welcome Home everyone!
Semper Fi, Terry Otell

Mike 3/5
3/5 Reunion 2001

Front: Tom Wityak (M/3/5), Joe Smith (M/3/5), Craig Sullivan (M/3/5), Jim Blankenheim (H&S and M/3/5), Terry O'Tell (M/3/5).
Back: Jerry Lomax (M/3/5), Denny Dinota (M/3/5), Jim Bisesi (H&S 3/5), Rock Giambrocco (H&S, I, and M/3/5), Brad Reynolds (M/3/5), and Ken Fields (M/3/5).

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Mike 3/5

3/5 Reunion 2002

227th USMC Birthday
Philadelphia, PA
Nov. 10, 2002

Brad Reynolds (M/3/5), Jack Swan (M/3/5), Terry O'Tell (M/3/5), Richard Bright (H&S/3/5), Bill Vandegriff (M/3/5), Debbe Reynolds

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