Randy Pelt

Randy Pelt, Mike and India 3/5 I went through Parris Island 1967-68 (Platoon 1085). After being medevaced from Vietnam in April 68, I went to OCS and the Officerís Basic School (4-69). I got to run around the hills of Camp Pendleton until they sent me back to VN in 1969. I was a platoon commander with India Company from August until I was medevaced in November.

When I returned in December I was assigned to Mike Company as XO. About Feburary 1970, Lt. Clair gave me the third platoon with the condition that Iíd still do the XO duties. (I got 1st Sgt. Baney to do all the XO paperwork for me.) Thanks Top! I assumed the CO slot when Lt. Ted Lewis left in July. Capt. Hill replaced me in August and I again assumed the CO duties when he was medevaced three or four days later. When I rotated home in September, I went to the 1st ITR at Camp Lejeune as the CO of a training company. I got off active duty in October 1971.

Of all the jobs Iíve had in my life, the one I absolutely enjoyed the most was being an infantry officer with India and Mike Companies. I never met a Marine or Sailor I did not like. Thanks guys for looking out for me! Semper Fi Devil Dawgs!

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1. 3/5 sign-An Hoa
2. Mike Company area at An Hoa
3. An Hoa from the air-1969
4. Randy Pelt, Monsoon, Oct. 1969

1. Randy Pelt, Que Sons, Dec. 1969
2. Lt. Col. Geston-Que Sons, Dec. 1969
3. M Co.-Que Sons, Dec. 1969
Artillery strike in the Phu Nhuans
5. M Co. returning to An Hoa

Randy Pelt (left) and 3 LTs, Yosuku, Japan '69

1. An Hoa February 1970
2. and 3. M Co. in The Arizona, RVN, April/May 1970
4. Resupply, Arizona-May 1970

M Co. staging for the bush from Hill 37

1. Three Amigos
2. Randy Pelt, trying to look busy
3. Hootch above Liberty Bridge
Liberty Bridge, April 1970

1 . Lt. Pat Nappi
2. Randy Pelt, Hill 37 French Fort
3. Lt. Lewis CO- An Hoa Apr. 1970

1. Hill 52 in April 1970
2. Hill 52
3. Airstrike off Hill 52
A Dud RPG round (April 1970) exactly the way it fell

1. Charlie Ridge
2. Airstrike-Charlie Ridge
3. WIA, Charlie Ridge May 1970
4. Medevac off Charlie Ridge
5. POW

1. Hill 65, June 1970
2. Off Hill 55
Self-propelled 175 


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