Jim and "Lemonade Tony"
Summer '68

Jim Quinn, Mike 3/5  I arrived in Vietnam in late Jan. or early Feb. '68...was with 60mm mortars with Mike Company until May or June, and then was assigned as 2nd Plt. Commander/Sgt. in (I think) June '68...right after Hill 1192 and ALLEN BROOK. Gunny Harville (?) was 2nd Plt. Commander, but was KIA on 1192, so I succeeded him.

Lt. Walters joined Mike Co. in July or Aug., and he took over the 2nd. platoon. He was really in charge after I got WIA on Aug. 15 or 16, '68, and was medevaced, and never made it back. They got hit real bad a couple of weeks later (Sept. 3 and 4??), and he was wounded severely, as were a lot of other guys including my good friend, Cpl. Rick Almanza (KIA 9/3/68) and "Doc" Whitbeck WIA 9/3 or 9/4.~Jim Quinn

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 Mike 3/5 Gunners and Grunts, Summer '68  

"Clem" w/M16 pointing at "Luke"'s head; "Mouse" on Luke's left; Sqd. Ldr. Mike Payne kneeling at Luke's right side; Bob Mock standing, head turned to his right w/dog tags and big belly; names of others escape me, but I'll never forget them.

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Aug. 68, Hill 310

Mike 3/5 CO Capt. Frank Pacello directly in front of flag...the other guy's name escapes me.
Right picture is me and Dan Hignight on Top of Hill 310, Aug. '68.

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 Machine Gun (Anti Aircraft .51 caliber) captured by Mike 3/5 (Dan Hignight) on Hill 310 operation.

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    "Dirty" Dan Hignight on the left, me on the right, Summer '68. 

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    Left picture is 2nd Plt. Commander Mike 3/5, Lt. Joe Walters, Summer '68. 
On the right is Eddie Pacheco, Guns.

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Dan Hignight with face and pistol in tunnel, Sept. 68. This picture hangs (I'm told) in the lobby of the main building at Quantico Marine Base. I think in other USMC locations as well.

Operation AUBURN

Operation HOUSTON

Operation HOUSTON II
(Hill 1192)

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