"Rock" Giambrocco (left) and Dave Johnston (KIA), Phu Bai '68

Rocco "Rock" Giambrocco, Mike 3/5  I arrived in lovely DaNang on 12/27/67, and came home for good on 30 November 1970. That period of time consisted of time as a grunt in Mike Company, a Scout in S-2, and a nut in Recon. During that period of time, I also came back to the States a couple times for duty in Pendleton, and in Hawaii. But Nam was my own little sinkhole.

I learned a lot, though. I learned how to make fear work for me and not against me. I did what I needed to do, and then I shook after it was over. I learned to take a mean ass kicking injury, and bounce back. I guess I grew up. I owe that to the Corps. If I had to do it over again, I would, no changes. I met a lot of great guys. Many never made it back, and now I get to see, and speak to those who did. I am a lucky Marine. I love the Corps, and am proud my son followed me in - and then to the Gulf.  I still believe we won the war - I always will. The US did not lose - they left. When I left Nam we were absolutely ahead!!!!

    My fondest thoughts are of the men with whom I served, bled,cried,and functioned. My most horrible memories are embedded deep in my heart, and remain my "Hell on Earth." I respect the USA, LOVE the Corps, and thank God for the life He has allowed me to live. Semper Fi~ Rock


Rock was with Mike 3/5 in 68-69. He was on many of the same patrols and operations as Brad. After 32 years, they recently "found" each other on the internet, along with several other Marines, and are now putting their remembrances together. 

Rock kept a diary about one patrol that turned into a 5-day bloody battle up on Haivan Pass (Hill 1192), which is posted on the Mike 3/5 website. 

Other recollections from survivors of that action are posted on this site in the Combat Histories section under "NVA Base Camp."

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