Dennis Tenety, India 3/5

Aug. 13, 1969

 We were attached to 1/7 that day. But it was 1st Plt I 3/5 that was ambushed. And 1/7's CO was with us when he was killed. We were in the heaviest of the fighting that day, 5 men were KIA and 33 were wounded including myself and Dennis Tenety. 

The battle lasted 7 hours. It took 4 hours before the wounded could get medical attention and be medivaced out. One man, Cpl. James Caster died because of the long wait. Dennis and myself are very lucky to have survived, given the nature of our wounds. It was a very bad day. Semper Fidelis,~Sgt. Jimmie L. Christy, I /3/5

Jim "Spanky" Norris Memorial 

Dennis Tenety and Jimmie Christy together again after 32 years! 
 3/5 Reunion 2001 in La Grange, GA

3/5 Reunion May 2001
Jimmie Christy (I/3/5), Dennis Tenety (I/3/5), Cathy Christie, Curtis Eidson (I/3/5)

3/5 Reunion May 2001
Dennis Tenety (I/3/5), Joe Anchondo (H&S and K/3/5), Bob "Slick" Mowery (I/3/5)

Dennis and an "Old Friend" at the 3/5 Reunion May 2001

Dennis and his Iron Lady

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The Wall at Night
Taken by Dennis Tenety at 0200 hrs
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