Gary Wieczorek on a Mediterranean duty on the LST Spirit of 1776

Gary Wieczorek, Mike 3/5 I was in 2nd plt. Mike 3/5 from Nov.1967 to Nov. 1968. Ihave a hard time remembering names. Iremember some names like Briggs, Buckles, Almanza, Capt. Pacello, Lt. Walters. Briggs and Buckles put on me "Zorba." They couldn't pronounce my name well, so that's what they called me. They took me under their wings so to speak.

I have hard time remembering names, but can remember some of the action we were in. A lot of Marines came and went while I was there. It's taken me almost 36 years before I tried to locate anyone that I served with. I've had a lot of bad meriories and some good ones. I'm proud to have served in Mike 3/5.

Gary Wieczorek

Gary Wieczoreck Bronze Star Citation for 7 Feb. 1968

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