Mike Wilson "Whiskey 1"

Mike Wilson, H&S 3/5   I joined up with H&S 3/5 in May of "68" as a radio operator. I was put with the Battalion Command group humping radio's for 3 Battalion C.O's, Rexroad, Seymour and Atkinson (?), also sometimes for the Ops Officer. Only one I remember is Maj. Rich. Made the tour from Arizona, Go Noi, Charlie Ridge, and others I can't remember. 

 I was on MAMELUKE THRUST, ALLENBROOK, HOUSTON III & IV, MAUI PEAK and  HENDERSON HILL. Caught an AK round in my right shoulder on HENDERSON HILL the night of 10/27 outside "Dodge City," and was sent home.

 I'm looking for some of the radio operators, Al Davis (my partner), Chuck Shimkus (I think he partnered with Jim Blankenheim), Larry Fuller and Miller (81's). Any help would be great! 

I was thrilled to find the 3/5 site May '99. My thanks to Ed, Curtis, Jerry, The Beerman, and Brad and Debbe for 'bringing me home.' ~Mike Wilson, Whiskey 1


Mike and Dana Wilson, and their 3 heartbreakers:
 Kelly (11), Kate (15), and Maureen (17)
Spring 2000

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