Tom Wityak, 19th Birthday in Arizona Territory

Tom Wityak, Mike 3/5 1969-1970

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1. Hill 65
2. Pipestone Canyon in background of barbeque at An Hoa
3. Unknown, (unknown only because of CRS), Tom Wityak, Donny Tucker
Hill 52, 8/70 
4. An Hoa

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Unknown and Donny Tucker

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1. Hill 37, Noon
2. Donny Tucker on break
3. Me, Frank Sonema, Donny, Rebel
4. Me, Frank, and Donny

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Donny Lynn Tucker
KIA October 10, 1970

Best Friend

I was the M-60 gunner for our squad during my last few months incountry. When I left, I turned it over to Donnie and wished him luck. He was one of my closest friends. As my plane landed in California, I took a picture of the flaps being lowered. I sent him the picture saying it was the greatest feeling in the world. I wrote I would look him up when he got back. The letter came back "undeliverable."

 I felt something bad had happened. It turns out they moved our company to Firebase Ross, wherever that was. It wasn't a place we were familiar with. He got hit with shrapnel in the head on Oct. 5, 1970, and died in DaNang on Oct. 10th. His twin brother was stationed in DaNang and got to see him in the hospital. 

After a journey of a thousand miles, I finally tracked down his family. I will be coming to the reunion with his twin brother Ronnie from Stanfield, NC. He is the nicest guy, just like his brother.

I miss you Donny, and I wish I could have stayed with you for that last month but they wouldn't let me stay for only a month more. 

Semper fi,
Thomas Wityak 
Mike 3/5


Tom Wityak and Ronny Tucker
May 18, 2001

Thirty-one years after Donny's death, Tom drove from Connecticut to North Carolina to bring Donny's twin brother, Ronny, to a 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines Reunion in Georgia where Ronny got to meet Donny's fellow Marines. Semper Fi, Ronny, we will never forget.~DR

Donny's grave in Locust, NC

Donny Lynn Tucker Memorial
Mike 3/5 website


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