My daughter sent me this poem, as I read it, I could picture her face as a child sitting on my bed, and asking Daddy questions. She is 24 years old tomorrow, and a former Marine herself. She leaves for active duty in the Navy this month.~Grady Rainbow, Mar. 1, 2000~

Col. Noble Beck, Sgt. Grady Rainbow, and unidentified officer

Why Do You Wear Green?

"Why do you wear green," she said,
 as she climbed up onto my bed.
 Her little hands were on her knees,
 her eyes were wide and asking please.

"Tommy said you wear green,
 to fight men who are mean,
 and mommy said you wear it 'cause,
your keeping home safe for us."

 "Jenny down the street told me,
 you wear it so bad guys can't see,
 and brother said you wear it now,
 to look like a tree, but I don't see how."

"I've asked a lot of people dad,
 to tell me why, I'm getting mad,
 so please tell me what I need,
 I need to know why you wear green."

 I smiled down at her childish grace,
as she stared at me face to face.
 I was not sure how to respond,
 until suddenly on me it dawned.

 "All the answers you have now,
 they are the truth, this is my vow.
 I wear green to fight bad men,
 to hide and sneak up next to them."

 "I wear it so that you will know,
 you are safe to come and go.
 But the reason you are looking for,
 is not all these it's something more."

 "The reason you ask, that I wear green,
 is because I'm a UNITED STATES MARINE."

Danielle Rainbow :)

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