"Doc" Bob Aloisio, M Co. 3/5 1st plt. Corpsman
Picture taken on LZ Vine, during Operation TAYLOR COMMON

"Doc" Bob Aloisio, M Co. 3/5 I was a corpsman with the second platoon Mike 3/5 from Sept.68 to May 69. I left the platoon one time to take a test for rate for 3 days and that is the only time I left.

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L to R: Marine (name?), "Doc" Aloisio, "Doc" Kulka (2nd plt. corpsman), taken on LZ Vine
L to R: "Doc" Kulka, "Doc" Aloisio, "Doc" Storgen. Picture possibly taken on LZ Vine

(If anyone remembers the unidentified Marines, please let us know)

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"Doc" Bob Aloisio (M/3/5) news article and citation for Operation Maui Peak, Oct. 1968

In May I went to the Battalion Aid in An Hoa for two months and then to Charlie Med. in Danang. I served with Doc Weltzbarker. I also know Doc Woods from another reunion we both attend in Kokomo, Ind. My wife and I have been married for 39 years. Yes, before the war and still. We had our daughter before the war and our son after, my wife is a combat wife.


(FMF Corpsman graphic and background by Redeye)