"Doc"Jim Bachelder
FMF Corpsman with the 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines, Mike Company

Doc Bachelder at Hill 65 BAS doing some minor suturing as Lee watches

"Doc" Jim Bachelder I came into country (Vietnam) in July 1969, and was assigned to the BAS in An Hoa until my daughter was born in September. As soon as I had word of her birth, the Chief sent me to Liberty Bridge to join up with Mike Company. The Senior Corpsman, 'Doc' Tony, placed me with 'Doc' Buzzelli to learn the ropes. 

I spent time with each platoon before becoming the Senior Corpsman of the company. Lt. Clair and Gunny Washington were in charge of the company at the time, and most of the time I was with the company. I welcomed 'Doc's Toner, Kempel, Evans, Wiken, and a few whom I can not remember their names to the company. 

I stayed with the company until March of 1970 at which time I requested Hill 65 for my rear area time. There I met Doctor Mahoney, 'Doc' Rick, Pee, Fish, Crews, Toner and Lee and Lynn. 

I left country in July 1970, 365 days to the day, and flew back to the world. It is funny how we became comrades under fire, relied on each other, took care of each other and loved each other more than our own brothers back home, and yet 3-4 months after returning back to the world I had forgotten all but a few names. 

A few of the Marines I remember are Lt. Clair, Gunny Washington, PFC Norman, Bell and 'Chief' (not his real name). But I do remember the faces of my Marines and fellow corpsmen, and will until I die, and will continue to be proud of serving with the greatest bunch of guys in the world. 

If anyone out there remembers me, please feel free to write. I hope to write a book about corpsmen in Vietnam in the near future, and would love some input from corpsmen and Marines."~Jim "Doc" Bachelder


Left Picture: Mike Company corpsmen at the BAS in An Hoa (l to r) Mike Kempel, Les Wiken, Jim Bachelder (front center), Mike Evans, Doug Tollefson, and unknown. 

Right Picture: Mike Company corpsmen with Doctor Mahoney (without shirt) at Hill 65 BAS (l to r) unknown, Doug Tollefson and Mike Evans.


    HM3 Jim Bachelder and unknown Marine at the end of a road sweep from  Hill 65 to Hill 52 


Picture on the left is Doc Bachelder and Mike Kempel on Hill 52. Mike is still with M Co. and Jim is with Hill 65 BAS (rear area). 
Picture on the right is Mike Kempel (far right) with some Mike Co. Marines on Hill 52. 

GySgt. Washington and HM3 Bachelder on Hill 65 getting ready to go to DaNang

"... Another reason Corpsmen and Marines to get along so well together is that we are the only two Corps in the Military; 
The Marine Corps and The Hospital Corps..."

(FMF Corpsman graphic by Redeye)