Doc Buzz out in the bush in the Northern AO Near Dai La Pass

FMF Corpsman Paul "Doc Buzz" Baviello

Grew up in a little town north of NYC named Mamaroneck and went to boot camp in Dec. 1966 at Great Lakes, and wow was it cold! Volunteered to be a Corpsman with another friend from boot camp with the assurance we would be sent to the Marines. Little did we know at the time we didn't have to volunteer  ;-). Stayed at the Lakes for Corps School from Mar. '67 to July, then the whole company was sent to FMSS at Lejeune in Aug. '67.  

Gungi squids - 5 Corpsmen on our last hump in Field Medical School at Lejeune.
I am on the left with helmet and rifle, and my buddy Al Myer is on the right.

My next stop was Jacksonville Naval Hospital in Florida. Still with my good buddy Ivan Heller, and another good friend named Al Myer. We all teamed up with another Corpsman Larry Padberg, and we all had a ball. Damn did we party and have some fun! Worked Orthopedics ward where I was schooled in what to expect and do by so many of my patients back from Nam.  Had some of the best nurses training us too, from Lts Britt to Yastishock.  Did stints on Cardiac Intensive care and emergency room. In Mar. of '68, all of us except for Larry got our orders. Ivan and Al were going to Nam and me to Camp Pendleton. 

At Camp Pendleton, I was assigned to 2/28 of the newly activated 5th Division. I was assigned to Echo Co. up at Camp San Mateo, just like a famous Corpsman by the name of John Bradley (one of the Iwo Jima flag raisers). For 19 months I went to school as my Marines, coming back from Nam, taught as much as they could. But shortly after Oct. 11, 1968, I was hit with a punch that sent me for a loop. 

My best friend Ivan Heller was killed while with serving with 2/5. A few days later got a letter from Larry telling me he would get incountry on the 11th of Oct. and go visit Ivan when he got the chance. Then 7 months later Larry was KIA. Then I found out that my bunkmate at Hospital Corps School Bobby Aucoin was also killed. I had lost track of Al but knew he had been with 1/9 up on the Z.

In Nov. 1969, I landed in An Hoa, and was assigned to D 1/5. 

Platoon CP on the Hot Dog out in the Arizona in Feb. '70

Front row left to right: Cpl. Parra,  L/Cpl. Whelan, Doc Buzz.
Back row: Lt. Anderson, Sgt. Meeks, L/Cpl. McWhite.

Spent my year in Disneyland then came home got married, when back to college and got my teaching credential and got a job. Started teaching and Coaching football and Baseball at Schurr High School in 1974, and I am still there. In the course of that time,  was the head baseball coach for 15 years, but I am still coaching football and teaching US History. 

In 1976, my son Randy was born, one of the two happiest days of my life. The second was in 1983 when daughter Kelly was born. The third greatest day of my life was in Feb. 1995 when I sat in the stands at MCRD and my son marched onto that parade deck, and they called him Marine.

My son, Sgt. Randy  Baviello, USMC, on the right with one of his friends at 29 Palms.

This Internet is amazing! In the past two years as a result of it. I have talked to guys who were with Ivan and Larry when they died, and found out what happened. Ivan was in a chopper crash as he was coming in for a landing on Hill 52 just north of the Arizona. He was listed as MIA- Body Not Recovered until 1973 only a click from where the chopper went down. The really weird thing was that the first place I landed with D Co. in Vietnam was on Hill 52, and for the next month I patrolled the area all around that and never knew his body was still there. I wonder how many times I walked by him.

Then I got an email one day after my book came out from my buddy Al Myer asking if I might be the same Doc Buzz he used to hang out with. Learned that he got two Silver Stars and 3 Hearts, and helped build a Hospital for Vietnamese kids up at Dong Ha.

So there you have it, the history of my life. I am the luckiest and most fortunate man in the world to have two wonderful kids, great friends like Ivan, Larry and Al, and to be mentioned in the same breath with so many wonderful Corpsmen and Marines who gave so much of themselves in Vietnam. I would not trade it for all the money in the world, and each day I get to know and meet so many more wonderful people like those of you on this site. But I have to say to the guys in Delta 1/5 you hold a very special place in my heart no one will ever compare to you all, and it will always be. 

Semper Fi, Doc Buzz

Delta 1/5

This is, and always will be, my platoon on Hill 65, Christmas Day 1969.

Be happy and enjoy life!

Remembering Fallen Friends

Shaking hands with my close friend, Ivan Heller, (Larry Padberg in yellow shirt to my left). It was the day we left Jacksonville, and the last time we all ever saw each other again. 

Born on Aug. 5, 1947
Casualty was on Oct. 11, 1968
Panel 41W - - Line 46

Born on Sept. 8, 1945
Casualty was on May 12, 1969
Panel 25W - - Line 80


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