From a Doc's Point of View

As a Corpsman in green and not navy blue,
I offer this poem from a "Doc's" point of view.

We've been honored by stories, poems and such,
By Marines we have served with and respected so much.

They speak of our honor, bravery, and skill.
And the cry, "Corpsman up!" still gives me a chill.

When a Marine goes down, what will it be?
A trache? Tie off bleeders? Start an IV?

Only one thing is certain as we rush to the scene:
Our butts will be covered by our brothers in green.

You see, we're adopted "Sons of the Corps" –
No more "Anchors Away"…. "Semper fi" evermore!

It's true when you're wounded your life's in our hands;
And we'll treat you and protect you to the very last man.

You are our point man, our cover, our shield,
And we depend on your skills all our days in the field.

Many a grunt's laid his life on the line
To make sure Doc got to the wounded in time.

So, my brothers, I thank you, as all we Docs should.
It's YOU who make us Corpsmen look good!

Doc Hutch
Alpha Co.
1st Batt, 5th Marines
2nd Platoon
An Hoa Basin

(Sent in by Curtis Batten, M Co. 3/5 67-68)


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