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Born on Oct. 6, 1946
Casualty was on May 26, 1967

Panel 20E - - Line 112

"Doc" Thomas Conklin served with the 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines, Mike Company. He was Killed In Action on Operation UNION II, an operation that cost the lives of many of his fellow Corpsmen and 3/5 Marines in the Que Sons in May, 1967. The heroic actions of Doc Conklin, and these young Corpsmen and Marines, resulted in the Presidential Unit Citation for the entire 5th Marine Regiment. Doc Conklin's name stands proudly on the Mike 3/5 Wall of Honor alongside his Marines and fellow Corpsmen. Semper fi, Doc!

Same Platoon

Corpsmen were so brave, moving when many would/could not, and thus became selected targets for the enemy.  It takes very special people to be a Corpsman. Doc Conklin was a good Corpsman, always a friend of the grunts, gave good advice and was very brave. 

 Chuck Cummings
Mike 3/5, third platoon


Doc Conklin

If I remember correctly, Doc Conklin was with our platoon on Operation UNION II. Our platoon CP was taken out by a mortor round or something. I do remember seeing the blast, I wasn't very far away. About seven guys were taken out, including our Lt. I think his name was Lt. Johnson, (a mustanger). I remember seeing him in the hospital later, but not after that. I was wounded later that day. 

Semper Fi, Doc 
Dennis Tylinski
3rd platoon, Mike 3/5

Operation UNION and UNION II

"Doc" Larry Yoder Memorial 
KIA Operation Union II

Presidential Unit Citation Fifth Marine Regiment 

(FMF Corpsman title graphic by Redeye)
(3/5 Corpsman Memorial graphic by Vic Vilionis, 7th Marines)