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Born on Sept. 20, 1947
Casualty was on July 24, 1966

Panel 9E - - Line 66

Pfc. Lawrence Daniels served with the 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines, India Company. He was Killed In Action during Operation HASTINGS. His name stands proud on the India 3/5 Wall of Honor alongside the Marines he fought and died with. Semper fi, Brother Marine. We will never forget.

We went through Boot Camp together

Letter written by Valentin Andrade to Larry Daniels' nephew, Raymond Tatum

Raymond, I arrived in Vietnam on July 13, 1966 three days after my 18th birthday and joined my..... our Battery (Whiskey Battery [4.2 inch or 107 MM mortars], 1st Battalion, 11th Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division on or about July 18, 1966. Sleep was fitful at best.

I was sent from Chu Lai to Danang via helicopter and from there to Dong Ha via small aircraft called a Caribou, then a wild helicopter ride to a place near the DMZ. Operation HASTINGS was to all that were there, a tough time. We received fire day and night.The next three weeks after arriving there are a blur to me now.

At the time it seemed that night came all to soon. The daytime seemed safer to me, it wasn't, just seemed that way. The terrain was very mountainous and lots of jungle. I had never been so tired and dirty in my life. Being fresh from the world I was used to regular meals and bathing. Marines in the bush, especially unexperienced ones get a rude awakening very fast.

The men I joined in the field were the best I have ever known. I was helped and advised as much as possible, and the transition to combat was made easier. I will never forget any of those men. I cannot remember most of their names now because the Battery was in a transition period, that is it was a rotation period, men were rotating back to the States and people were leaving all the time.

There were several Marine Infantry Companys that came into our area, your Uncle may have been with them, we all look the same in green uniforms with helmets low over our eyes. He could have walked by me, and I would not have known.

I spoke with a member of our Boot Camp Platoon 274 by the name of Whitehead. He was the one that told me of Larry's death. I was surprised to learn that it had occured on HASTINGS, and that I had been close by. He told me that your Uncle died while charging a machinegun emplacement.

Your Uncle was a tough man. During Boot Camp and Infantry Training he never lagged behind, that was a source of pride for us both. His position in our squad was right in front of me, and I stayed on his butt no matter how tired I was.

The last time I saw Larry was right after Infantry Training at Camp Horno, Camp Pendleton, California, sometime in December 1965. Some of us had to stay in camp for an Artillery School over Christmas and everybody else went home for leave and then joined there outfits in the 1st Marine Division. There is not much more that I can remember about Larry. He was a short man, but he never backed down from a fight, and Marines fight amongst themselves all the time, sometimes just for fun. Weird, but true.

These past 36 years since your Uncle's death have been kind to me. I guess that is what makes the death of all those young men so hard at times. We have gotten to enjoy life while they lost theirs in a far off place. The anniversary of his death is close, and I will go to a Grotto close to my house and light a candle for your Uncle and all the friends we lost in that War. Please feel free to contact me if you or anyone in your family is ever in San Antonio, Texas.

Sincerely, Valentin Andrade

In Honour Of My Uncle

All my life, I've been told about how wonderful my uncle was by my mother (she is Larry's older sister). Mom and Larry were only 1 year apart, so they grew up very close and had a history that I've been told about all my life. I am a little wistful that I never got a chance to meet him as I was born 15 years after he died in Vietnam. I bear his middle name in rememberance of his life. However, in spite of not seeing him, I am very proud of him for the service he provided for the USA, his sacrifice, and I am proud of him for being such a great friend to all who served with him. I know he makes my mother proud every day, and he made my grandmother proud every day.

Raymond E. Tatum
son of Sandra Jean Daniels, sister of Lawrence E. Daniels


Friend In Youth

Larry I miss you and I still think about our times growing up. I spent 3 years in the Army and always wanted to revenge your death. However I was not chosen to go and do it. Out of all of us from the neighborhood you were the only one who did not come back. Thanks for your sacrifice We all miss you.

Jim Pioth