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Born on Sept. 28, 1947
Casualty was on Sept. 4, 1967

Panel 25E - - Line 100

LCpl. Andrew Mix Giordano served with the 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines, M Company. He was Killed In Action during Operation SWIFT and awarded the Silver Star, posthumously. His name stands proudly on the Mike 3/5 Wall of Honor. Semper Fi, Brother Marine. We will never forget.

The President of the United States of America takes pride in presenting the Silver Star (Posthumously) to Lance Corporal Andrew Mix Giordano (MCSN: 2206251), United States Marine Corps, for conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity in action while serving as a Rifleman with the Second Platoon, Company M, Third Battalion, Fifth Marines, FIRST Marine Division, in connection with operations against the enemy in Quang Tin Province, Republic of Vietnam. During Operation SWIFT, on 4 September 1967, elements of the second platoon engaged numerically superior entrenched North Vietnamese Army forces. Enemy automatic and semiautomatic fire ripped through the second platoon, which immediately returned fire. An extensive and accurate mortar attack commenced and mortar shells were raining around the Marine positions. Lance Corporal Giordano spotted an enemy 60-mm mortar less than 60 meters from his position. Although wounded seconds earlier, he had refused medical treatment. Despite his condition and with complete disregard for his own personal safety, he maneuvered through the heavy enemy fire to within fifteen meters of the enemy mortar position and threw four hand grenades, killing three enemy soldiers and destroying the mortar tube. Undaunted by the enemy fire, he ran across the fire-swept paddy and began treating and evacuating the wounded. While assisting a fellow Marine to safety, he was mortally wounded by enemy machine-gun fire. By his exceptional bravery, perseverance, outstanding professional skill, and unfaltering dedication to duty in the face of great personal risk, Lance Corporal Giordano reflected great credit upon himself and upheld the highest traditions of the Marine Corps and the United States Naval Service. He gallantly gave his life for his country.

Operation SWIFT


We grew up together

Andy, from Valley Stream, Long Island, NY -Central High School- was the younger Brother I never had, a close friend which never returned, nor another friendship I have been able to make again. He lives with me each and every day in my thoughts and prayers --faithfully a friend. We would have been Brother-In-Laws. Lynda, Andy's 'first true love' still mourns his sacrifices to this day. She has never forgotten him. Andy's CO explained in writing his unselfish acts to defend and protect his fellow Marines that faithful day. A handsome young man who had a great sense of humor, a bigger smile, and a heart of gold -- He is My Guardian Angel. Brother, till we meet again.

"Always Faithful"
Chris Argento
USA Vietnam 66-67


Smiling, Andy G.

One cannot talk, or remember Andrew, without smiling. He was always, the bright, eyed & happy classmate, in school and the smiling, easy going, dude, hanging out, at The Pavilon and The Green, in Valley Stream. We all were left with those flashes of optimism, of youth, when The News, came down of his passing. He remains, now and forever, the symbol, of regular guy, doing the right thing, at that time. I was on an ammo ship in Danang when I saw Andy's name in Stars & Stripes weekly casualty count. I needed written confirmation from home to accept that he was gone .... I now live in Staten Island & have since learned Andy fought together with medal-of-honor (posthumously) awarded Father Vincent Cappadona in Operation Swift. 4 September '67 . It's a small world, but a big trail of tears in our collective memories. Smile Slow, Andy G.

Dan Reddan