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Born on July 22, 1948 
Casualty was on Aug. 27, 1970

Panel 7W--Row 17

Mike 3/5 Corpsmen Jim Bachelder and Mike Kempel (right) on Hill 52 

"Doc" Michael Kempel served with the 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines, Mike Company. His name stands proudly on the Mike 3/5 Wall of Honor alongside his Marines. Semper Fi, Doc. We will never forget.

Mike Kempel was killed above "Finger Lake" which was just above Liberty Bridge.  He lost his life going to the aid of a brother Marine. In all the commotion, he could have stayed where he was and been safe. But he didn't hesitate. That was the type guy Mike was. ~Capt. Randy Pelt, M/3/5

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Mike Company Corpsmen at the BAS in An Hoa (l to r) Mike Kempel, Les Wiken, Jim Bachelder (front center), Mike Evans, Doug Tollefson, and "Spud."

Michael Kempel's Silver Star Citation, awarded posthumously, 33 yrs. later

Shadow box of Michael's medals (put together by Curtis Eidson) presented to Mike's parents, Dick and Peg Kempel and their son, Dennis by Michael's former captain, Randy Pelt.

News clipping of Michael's Silver Star to be awarded

Michael Kempel's Silver Star Award Ceremony 26 October 2003

In Memory of Michael Kempel

Crucifix and Cadeuces graphic by Joe Boydell

Joe "PappaDoc" Boydell, friend and M/3/5 FMF Corpsman, saluting Michael at The Wall

"Corpsman Down!"
Poem in memory of Michael Kempel by Joe Boydell

Michael Kempel's Mike/3/5 Zippo entrusted to Joe Boydell

(FMF Corpsman title graphic by Redeye)
(Pictures of Michael Kempel courtesy of Jim Bachelder)