In Memory of Michael Kempel
FMF  Corpsman with the Marines of Mike 3/5
Killed in Action in Vietnam, August 27, 1970

"Corpsman Down!"

I know you know
I have felt your breath on my neck
Breathing ďdonít hurt for meĒ
In my pain and anguish

I have felt you wipe my tears they continue to fall
And felt you pull me forward
when I could go no further
Without knowing, I know it was you

Grieve for us, 
and move along you say
Grieve for yourself...but live

If you must hold on to something
Hold our memories dear
Our names in a place of honor
Our deaths as a reason to live
Grieve for mankind - then
make it better

You know what you want to do, Doc
Let go of me
My memory will stand on
its own - let me go
There will be no good done
with a heart and mind in pain
Let me go

There are no answers, Doc
unless you make them up
It makes no sense to continue
Let me go

You did your job, Doc
I did mine
Things turned out the way they did
Understand, itís what you are
now that counts
Let me go - in honor
Remember the lesson and do
good things

Goodbye Michael Kempel
Iíll do my best

mike mike, mike 2 over
status report------------------------
Echo 4 Bravo
Echo 5 Salt Tab Kilo
going home
permanent routine
~Joe "Pappadoc" Boydell~

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(FMF Corpsman title graphic by Redeye)
(The Navy Corpsman cadeuces with crucifix graphic by Joe Boydell)

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